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Upholstery for hotels: the characteristics they must have


The continuous evolution of the hospitality world increasingly pushes accommodation facilities to want to give their customers a unique and personalized experience.

Hotel rooms and common areas must be furnished with style and functionality. The choice of sofas and armchairs, for example, must respect the overall style of furniture of the hotel and the regulations in force in this regard.

In this post I will show you what are the characteristics that sofas and armchairs for hotels must have.

How to choose armchairs and sofas for hotels?

Conceiving, designing and modifying the interior and exterior furnishings of hotels and bed and breakfasts is the first step to ensure maximum comfort and make guests’ stay unforgettable.

To furnish a hotel it is necessary to establish which are the priorities among the functions required by the furnishings, without giving up the style and personalization of the spaces.

Choosing sofas and armchairs for hotels means taking into consideration the different intended uses, focusing on the versatility of the products and never neglecting the aesthetic factor.

Prendiamo, ad esempio, i sistemi componibili. La loro versatilità li rende adatti sia a situazioni conviviali che formali e si adattano, a seconda delle esigenze, in maniera semplice e rapida. Negli spazi di coworking, dove le aree possono espandersi o comprimersi, arredare con sistemi versatili come quelli componibili, è  una scelta vincente.

Functional, but also aesthetically appealing, the corner solutions of the modular systems are the most exploited. Imagining the hall of a hotel, the corner spaces, in fact, are often used for informal and quick meetings, but also chosen as secluded places where you can stop without being disturbed.

When, on the other hand, you are dealing with small spaces, such as when you have to furnish a bed and breakfast, it will be useful to choose multifunctional furniture, such as: storage furniture, massage armchairs and sofa beds.

Structural characteristics of armchairs and sofas for hotels

Once the functionality of sofas and armchairs for hotels has been established, the comfort and aesthetics of the upholstery must then be taken into account.

The upholstered items are complex systems consisting of several essential and integrated elements, such as:

  • support structure;
  • padding that guarantees the balance between strength (to support the body) and softness (to ensure comfort);
  • covering that knows how to reconcile the protective and aesthetic functions.

These elements must be calibrated and chosen according to the intended use.

Usually the support structure can be made of metal, for smaller upholstered items, and of wood (poplar or solid fir) for larger ones.

The padding is designed with different degrees of density and elasticity, precisely to fulfill the double function of strength and softness. Depending on the intended use, for example, it will be more appropriate to choose armchairs for hotels with more rigid seats for the meeting rooms, and softer sofas for hotels for the relaxation areas and bedrooms.

The most common materials for the upholstery of sofas and armchairs for hotels are:

  • Polyurethane foam;
  • Polyester fibers;
  • Feathers (particularly soft);
  • Waterlily: a particularly resistant, breathable, soft to the touch and fire resistant synthetic padding; similar to memory and polyurethane, it is an eco-sustainable product because toxic substances such as chlorine fluorine carbides (CFCs), phosphorus-based products, halogenated substances are NOT used in the production processes.

The upholstery covers are usually in fabric, leather, eco-leather and microfibre. Highly recommended are the armchairs and sofas for hotels with removable covers, easy to wash and adapt to any changes in style.

Which coverings to choose for design upholstery?

Two fundamental aspects in choosing sofas and armchairs for hotels are personalized design and compliance with current regulations.

The choice of design must concern the upholstery, the color and the shapes, so that everything marries with the style of the spaces. The removable upholstery, as already mentioned, greatly helps the versatility and adaptation of sofas and armchairs which, over time, can also change location.

In general, the upholstery upholstery is chosen based on resistance to light, abrasion and pilling. In fact, one of the most used covering materials is leather which, thanks to its elasticity and its imperfections, has always guaranteed the naturalness of the product.

Thanks to its characteristics of resistance and the tactile similarity of suede to velvet, Alcantara is also one of the most appreciated and exploited upholstery materials. The colors of Alcantara resist over time and the fabric can be worked with treatments with softening, fire retardant, antistatic and water repellent additives, without deteriorating the material.

Armchairs and sofas for the outdoors

Even outside the hotel, sofas and armchairs cannot be missing and, here too, functionality and style should not be overlooked.

The exteriors of a hotel, such as gardens and terraces, require the use of comfortable armchairs and sofas, with large and welcoming seats and light or bright colors. Considering the external environment, the upholstery and padding must be resistant to sunlight and water-repellent.

The verandas are also external areas of the hotels but, unlike gardens and terraces, they are covered. This does not mean that these areas should be treated as indoors. To find an adaptable and elegant solution, it will be advisable to choose armchairs and sofas in light colors and with perforated and breathable backrests.

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