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Hospitality turnkey solutions

When refurbishing the hotel’s interiors, we have to solve a common problem for the owners of hospitality properties: to proceed on a tight schedule to complete the work right before a tourist season begins. Every manager faces not an easy task to resolve: not only should he/she take care of the aesthetics matter, but also make a complete fit-out of the several interiors that require different levels of decoration and design solutions. Completing this difficult task requires a well-coordinated organization of the workflow that does not tolerate the desynchronization of human resources. Thanks to the decades of working experience, which involves the cooperation of many collaborators of different profiles, we offer innovative solutions for the interior fit-out of hotels. Therefore, at the end of each contract furniture project, we are always happy to receive words of appreciation. The clients highlight prompt delivery of a detailed and well-thought-out plan for the renovation of several rooms simultaneously, harmonizing the use of sophisticated design elements with the budget policy perfectly.

New normal in the context of coronavirus crisis

Over the course of 42 years of hard work, we have performed various fit-outs of hotel interiors. We have carried out general contractor projects for hotel chains and individual projects for the supply of contract furniture, made by us in Italy, in collaboration with architectural firms and interior designers. The terrible global pandemic, which has dealt a severe blow to the tourism and hotel industry, has not spared Italy. However, to our surprise, we have seen a growing interest in Made in Italy MTO furniture over the past year. The demand of our regular customers for turnkey interior contracts has increased as well. This surprising phenomenon let us look into the future with optimism and encouraged us to optimize and promptly adapt industrial processes and production resources that have always been the specific guarantee of our work quality. It is gratifying to note that the optimization results are directly reflected in the significant growth of corporate revenues in 2020 compared to the previous year.

Your trust is our heart

At the end of each turnkey interior project, we are always pleased to receive gratitude for the work done both from the owners of the hotel businesses and interior design studios. We have been cooperating with them for many decades in different parts of the world. That is why the magic wand has become the symbol of our collaboration with architects & interior designers, which constantly transforms empty walls into sophisticated spaces.

Are you an architect or an interior designer?

“We put our experience gained through 42 years as a private and public interior fit-out contractor working all over the world at your service. Whatever style or technical difficulty of your project is, we are always ready to help you in its execution on the top level.”

Francesca & Carlo

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