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Turnkey House Renovation Milan


Milan is the city of business, work, hectic life and daily commitments that do not allow us to keep up with a restructuring. For this reason, Tognini Arredamenti has thought of a turnkey home renovation that allows even the busiest entrepreneur to have a practical and functional interior renovation. Our interior designers are architects specialized in craftsmanship and bespoke furnishings, and are able to find solutions to any need for space and taste.

Now that you know who to turn to for the Milan turnkey home renovation, the time has come to understand which style is best suited to a dynamic city like Milan and what kind of housing solution you will need to unplug after the work, to organize parties and aperitifs with friends, to find refuge with the family, to enjoy all the sensations of modernity that only a home renovation with Tognini Arredamenti can provide you. Be inspired by our ideas and dream of a new way of living the home.

Interior renovations in Milan: the news on the market

The world of interior design is constantly evolving: new ideas are put into practice thanks to the technological innovations available that make it possible to optimize spaces and create alternative solutions. A professional interior architect is also able to choose the best materials available, knows their combinations and secrets, and above all is able to choose only what allows for a total modern but also functional and classy effect.

As professionals in the furniture sector we are constantly updated on the latest trends because we know that our customers also want to have something unique and durable, they want to live in an innovative and up-to-date environment, and for this reason we have collected some ideas for interior furnishings in Milan, which interpenetrate with the city and create a perfect union between inside and outside.

Contemporary interior design

The contemporary style, contrary to what everyone thinks, is very different from the modern one. Contemporary design follows the trend of our life and is renewed together with it because it must be lived at the same time as we do. Contemporary style is not fixed or inflexible, there are no models, but it is a constant flow of ideas and inspiration. A bit like it happens for a city in constant movement like Milan: neighborhoods that are renewed and solutions that follow seasonality, influences, the constant flow of the world.

For a contemporary style we have thought of interior windows, which connect different home spaces, such as openings to worlds, and floor-mounted windows, which light up from below rather than from above. These small details make the difference and allow you to change your point of view. The doors slide and allow the rooms to expand or divide if necessary.

Neoclassical style: to experience Milan inside as well

Milan is a city rich in art: from Leonardo Da Vinci to Francesco Hayez, from Boccioni’s sculptures to the Gothic architecture of the monuments. But most of all, Neoclassical art had a strong influence on the city during the eighteenth century and why not bring a bit of neoclassicism back to interior design as well? The rediscovery of the classic can really seem a countertrend in the field of interior renovations and for this reason it should be well researched and reasoned in order not to exaggerate: the use of materials such as marble, the preference for different shades of white and the possibility of decorating with sculptures or classical elements must be done in a balanced way. After all, balance has been the basis of taste since ancient times.

Are you an Interior Designer? An architect?

“We put our experience gained through 42 years as a private and public interior fit-out contractor working all over the world at your service. Whatever style or technical difficulty of your project is, we are always ready to help you in its execution on the top level.”

Francesca & Carlo

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