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Turnkey Bar and Bar Bespoke Furniture


Trends in the furniture sector for services to the public are constantly changing and renewing themselves according to the needs and what attracts customers the most. Bar furnishings are multiplying because there are always new ideas and new mixes of styles that generate curiosity. To give your bar a makeover, the time has come to make a tailor-made project with the right interior designers: by choosing Tognini Arredamenti you can attract new customers and keep up with the times and the latest trends without losing your roots and personality. local.

A very effective way to improve sales and increase customer visits is to invest in a renovation. To ensure that the interior refurbishment is adequate and to get the most out of your investment, you will need to make sure that your bar has:

  • A relaxed but lively atmosphere.
  • Extremely comfortable furniture.
  • Using warm lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Apart from the basics, choosing a theme that can guide interior designers is an advantageous move, because having a specific style helps you to perfectly build your brand image and then because in this way you can generate a sense of curiosity.

People who go to bars today don’t do it just for food or to have a coffee, what attracts is the atmosphere and experience that you can have inside. Following a specific theme for bespoke bar renovation is an advantageous choice from many points of view, but it is important to always remain original and create customized solutions. We at Tognini Arredamenti want to give you some idea of very popular styles, and you can choose which one seems to you the most akin to the character of your place. The interior designers will make your idea unique and personalized thanks to bespoke furnishings.

Rustic café

A little old school but this style is particularly suitable for young people. The raw materials are wood and bricks, and it is perfect for an open and bright space, a space that must give the idea of being very old and used. You can add old doors and windows to your interior design and use metals, stone and blackboards wherever you can. Serve smoothies or coffee in vintage milk cans and some food items in wicker baskets. The important thing is to maintain a healthy balance of modern elements, such as trendy lamps or sofas, with all the rustic elements that we have just mentioned when creating this type of interior design.

Green caffè 

As in a kind of covered garden, many will be enthusiastic about your place, especially if they are in the city and want to find a refuge. This type of cafe interior gives customers a breath of fresh air and if you combine the green roof with ample amount of sunlight by installing large glass windows and doors, you can create a very organic, feel-good environment. Many vegan and eco-friendly cafes follow such ideas on the bar theme.

Industrial style

This style is very reminiscent of art deco and everything that derives from modernity, such as factories, abandoned warehouses and industrial spaces. This theme is one of the most sought after because the environment is designed to be warm and welcoming but with a creative aspect. To create such an atmosphere, it is possible to use exposed architecture, such as bricks, pipes and ceiling beams with the addition of mechanical components, such as nuts and bolts and gears. The use of alternative raw materials, such as copper, brass, stone and leather, is essential. All combined with modern elements and filament lamps and colors that contrast with the furniture: use a scale ranging from dark gray to black to brown and mustard to warm the room.

Are you an Interior Designer? An architect?

“We put our experience gained through 42 years as a private and public interior fit-out contractor working all over the world at your service. Whatever style or technical difficulty of your project is, we are always ready to help you in its execution on the top level.”

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