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Stylistic trends in bar and pastry shop furnishings

Today the modern style is the most popular, with clean lines and interlocking shapes that break the monotony of the linear and classic counter. The integration of the modern with the rustic is very popular at the moment, solutions are sought to combine the practicality of the modern style with the materiality of the rustic style, through the use of different materials, such as wood or metal. Even classic elements such as frames and boiserie are back in vogue, always juxtaposed with the linearity of the modern.

If we move from the bar area, the attention to colors and materials to be used especially on the walls has taken more and more foot in the generic setting of the room: how can they be warm and decisive colors, rather than relief paintings or the wallpaper that in recent years has met with considerable success. The importance of light should not be underestimated, not only above the counter and on the tables, today it is essential to study the light also integrated into the counter and shelves. The light is conceived and designed in advance, during the drafting of the initial layout, to avoid running into errors and difficulties during assembly. Usually in addition to the general lights and recessed spotlights, the lights are positioned in the area above the base of the counter, rather than in the counter or in the shelves of the back counter.

The relationship with the customer in the design of bar furniture

Today’s customer is aware of his own place and of the style he would like to attribute to them. He often comes up with sketches of the plan, and with photographs that represent the style he would like to give to his bar. Many times he arrives with ideas that are not feasible, both in terms of space and style, for this reason the initial project can be modified and reproposed several times, trying to arrive together at the conclusion and the most appropriate solution for the room. There may be cases, more rarely, in which the customer has no idea, and completely relies on the hands of experts, who propose their own solutions and ideas.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

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