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Solutions for children’s bedrooms: ideas for everyone


The bedroom is the first place where boys and girls begin to give vent to their identity and creativity. It is a private room, a safe space that they want to customize according to their taste and needs.

It is not simply a place to sleep. It is also often a place to study, to relax, to spend time with friends.

In the following paragraphs, we will see some ideas and proposals to furnish a bedroom for children with taste and practicality. We will provide some advice on furniture, they will put their imagination there.

Teenage bedrooms

Posters, colors, photographs, clothes, chaos. Teenagers have their own way of experiencing a private and personal space like the bedroom. It is likely that the furniture chosen for them when they were still children are no longer liked and that they want to change them to adapt them to their new needs: sharing a room with friends, studying, staying at the PC, collecting outfits.

Growing up, the desire for more space to play is replaced by the need for a larger wardrobe, a wider desk, an extra bed to accommodate friends, a TV cabinet, a bookcase.

The best way to save is to immediately choose furniture that can meet the needs of your children from when they are small until they reach adolescence. It’s not impossible, we reveal some perfect arrangements below.


If the bunk bed is the dream of many children, even for boys it can be a valid and fun alternative.

First of all, it guarantees an extra sleeping place ideal for hosting friends. Unlike a foldaway bed, it also exploits the space vertically, leaving the rest of the room free without the need to rearrange and close the bed when not needed.

The structure can then be customized in different ways, from color to material and shape, making the bed the real protagonist. If the little ones prefer shapes that resemble forts or princesses’ castles, the boys prefer bunk beds with a more marked and fashionable design, such as the Nordic style.

On the mezzanine

Even the bedrooms with mezzanine, like the bunk beds, take advantage of the space in height and are perfect especially for small rooms. In addition, more and more children (and adults) are choosing this furnishing solution precisely because it is versatile and ideal for separating the bed area from a study or relaxation area.

In square rooms, the corner loft bed is great because it occupies two adjacent sides leaving the rest of the space free. A loft with a linear structure, on the other hand, is more suitable if the room has long and narrow walls while, if the room is really small, the loft with a sliding bed is the most recommended choice.

Single or double

If for only children the single room is discounted while for those with brothers or sisters it is a real dream. A room, large or small, to be complete should have:

  • Two beds: why settle for just one bed when, thanks to the retractable, loft or bunk solutions, you can have up to three beds to accommodate friends and have a sleepover?
  • A desk with an ergonomic chair: especially after the pandemic, it has become essential to have a space where you can study in peace.
  • Wardrobe: growing up increases the desire to always have a latest fashion outfit. Bridge wardrobes are one of the ideal solutions, perfect for both the smallest and the oldest because they take advantage of the heights and can be combined with other tall cabinets or storage compartments.
  • Bookcase: in reality, the freestanding bookcase is not really a must have and in a bedroom, especially a small one, it could steal precious space. For this reason, if the room is small, you can opt for shelves or transform the shelves of a bridge structure into practical containers, even visible, for books, notebooks, photos and other precious furnishing items for your children.

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