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Sofa bed: which one to choose?


The sofa bed is an indispensable element. Whether in the living room or in a study to be converted occasionally into a guest bedroom, the sofa bed allows us to welcome friends and relatives at any time.

Choosing it, however, is not that simple. Today there are dozens of models, each with their own pros and cons. Let’s try to figure out which one is right for you.

Double or a square and a half

The first question that needs to be asked concerns the number of people we usually host. Are they one, two or more? Depending on the needs and the possibilities we have in terms of space, we will first have to understand whether to choose a double sofa bed or a double sofa bed.

Or why not, both: the double in the living room and the single in the studio.

We are talking about definitions that, obviously, do not directly refer to the standard dimensions intended for beds: speaking of double, one and a half and single helps us to identify the types of sofa suitable for the number of guests.

Sofa bed: the differences between the main types

The world of sofa beds is mainly divided into 4 types: folding (click clac), folding, pull-out, peninsula with container. If you choose a well-made sofa, any type of sofa should be easy enough to open.

What matters, in this case, are the dimensions and characteristics of the space in which we place it.

Book or single Clic Clac

The folding sofa bed is the smallest and “smart” of the sofa beds. Also known as the click-clack sofa bed, this is a usually two-seater model, which can be opened with a small standard procedure: just pull the backrest towards us, hear the click, and then lower it to a horizontal position joining it to the sitting. Ideal for an entrance or a study, it is designed to accommodate one person only.

Click clac sofa bed

Although small in size, the best folding sofa beds also feature storage for blankets and pillows.

Tilting, folding… or simply folding

Whatever you call it, the folding sofa bed is the most popular of all.

It is a comfortable two or three seater model. With a simple gesture, the seat lifts and opens a double bed that will have the back of the sofa as a headboard. If closed it does not take up too much space, when open it can fill the entire room.


Before choosing this model, therefore, it is necessary to take the measurements well. Of course, you can furnish the space in front of the sofa with light and easy to move accessories, such as a coffee table or an armchair.

With peninsula or chaise longue, corner

The sofa bed with peninsula is the king of comfort. Whether it has 3 or 4 seats, when you open it it becomes an ideal sofa bed for two or three people. With a single move, the pull-out module completes the space between the chaise and the seats, increasing comfort.

If the chaise longue houses the container compartment for storing pillows and sheets, the seats house the pull-out bed. This is how you can get up to 3 beds with a single gesture, always having blankets and pillows close at hand.

Brown sofa bed

Ideal for those who want a relaxing room and love to organize sleepovers: in fact, the corner sofa bed can also accommodate 4 children.

The watchwords of this furnishing solution are fun, sharing and rest. Three ingredients that should never be missing.

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