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Residential Refurbishment with Italian Furniture


Whether you are renting a residential property or own a residential property, you must have spent quite a lot of resources on property management. However, after a long period, residential properties tend to depreciate due to consistent use.

It is common for the interior design of a residential property to wear out after playing host to different categories of tenants. This makes the property less attractive with time. To get your residential interiors looking attractive again, a residential refurbishment plan is the best solution.

Residential refurbishment improves the value and desirability features of a residential property. It involves all the structural procedures and interior solutions that give a residential building a whole new look.

One of the major keys to getting a standard refurbishment is to include new furniture in your residential refurbishment plans.

Italian Furniture

When it comes to interior furniture with appealing taste, Italian furniture is the first port of call. You can get that desirable residential refurbishment by making good use of Italian furniture.

A typical Italian furniture design exudes the qualities of elegance, quality, and rich taste of art. It is identified with luxury in every sense of the word.

Italian furniture is made with excellent furnishing skills combined with artistic decoration.

There are three major staples in Italian furniture style; traditional Italian artisanship applies techniques such as lacquering, use of gold, fabrics, and upholstery.  

•         The Gold  Feature

Italian artisans often apply a thin layer of gold on the surface of polished furniture. Italian furniture often features pieces accentuated with gold.  

•         Lacquering technique

With the lacquering technique, Italian furniture is given a brilliant glossy finishing, which highlights the artistic elements of the design.

•         Fabric and upholstery

Italian furniture design technique also includes extensive use of upholstery. Furniture is usually upholstered with attractive, luxurious fabrics and textile solutions.

To get more of the Italian effect in your furniture, it is advisable to shop for furniture made with quality marble, wood, gold, and stucco. In addition, unique art pieces and ancient Persian rugs create a perfect blend. 

Italian furniture tradition is characterized by a classic style incorporating elements of classical antiquity with some sense of refinement. Italian furniture designs are distinguished by their harmonious lines, shapes, perfectly blended colors, and detailed finishing with an air of luxury.

Where to Get Italian Furniture

Tognini Arredamenti’s collection of Italian furniture embodies all Italian qualities. With Tognini Arredamenti’s collection of Italian furniture, your residential refurbishment comes alive with the elegance and grandeur characterized by ancient Roman villas and palaces.

Tognini Arredamenti’s Italian furniture style helps fine-tune classic Italian qualities of luxury, and function in any residential refurbishment plan. 

Tognini offers this Italian furniture style through its wide array of collections, offering you a variety of solutions to choose from. 

Italian furniture solutions provided by Tognini Arredamaneti include furniture for bedrooms (master bedroom inclusive), living room furniture, family room furniture, dining room, guest room, etc. 

Contact Tognini Arrredamenti today to provide you with the best Italian furniture solutions for your residential refurbishment plans.

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