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Renovate bar in an original way


The bar furniture and the style for the interior and exterior of a venue are fundamental choices to convey originality and personality to the customer, as soon as he crosses the threshold. Aesthetics speaks of a brand and its values, its ideas: for this reason it is essential that every corner is taken care of in detail, starting from the functional furnishing accessories, the classic “bar counter”, “workbench”, “Tables” and “professional refrigerators”. Then move on to everything that completes the part of the work, such as the chandeliers and lights, chairs and tables, dividers, objects and accessories.

From 2021 to 2022: the growing trends destined to become certainty

Sustainability, minimalism, warmth and technology: these are the keywords that are used to understand the latest trends related to interior and exterior furniture for commercial activities. Following the difficult period we have experienced, the closures, the distances, now the customer is increasingly looking for a welcoming place, which transmits trust and is never chaotic, where to rest the mind from the continuous chaos of everyday life.

The concept that best summarizes all this is that of “less is more”, which also goes perfectly with the choice of eco-sustainable furnishings, a trend that is growing strongly due to the growing concern about climate change. Yes, therefore, to wooden furnishings and coatings, to natural, soft, warm, earthy heats. In addition, another aspect that should not be underestimated is the technology: for example, automated controls and digital menus. People now have a different perception of contact and this is a point that should not be underestimated at all if you think about a restyling of your restaurant.

Interior furnishings for the bar: where to start?

Furnishing a bar may seem like a simple thing. Having an idea of what you want to sell and communicate to the customer, you can think you are already halfway there. In reality this is not the case. To leave and embark on this adventure, you must first study the place carefully, being supported by experts and professionals. It is necessary to learn to know in detail the actual spaces, those that can be used, where the power connections are, what is possible and what cannot be done. Only once all this has been ascertained can we move on to the more “fun” and creative part.

Obviously, being a bar, we must always remember that there are elements that are part of the furniture choices but which are, at the same time, functional and indispensable. These are all those semi-finished products useful for the purposes of production and work, such as the counter and the flat surfaces. However, even these bar furniture accessories can be customized and made an integral part of the aesthetic vision of the entire venue.

Are you an Interior Designer? An architect?

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