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Restructuring and custom-made furniture for a restaurant


An evening at the restaurant is now a complete sensory experience, made up of flavors, smells, aesthetics and a warm welcome. One could speak of a real multisensory experience. The waiters, the courses, the menu and the decor combine to create a perfect memorable experience that customers will be eager to repeat. The food you serve is important, of course, but the environment must also be comfortable and inviting. If you achieve this, you will receive great reviews online or through word of mouth from customers.

To get the most out of a restaurant it is essential to characterize your environment through a custom-made renovation and furniture. We at Tognini Arredamenti will create an inviting and comfortable environment for you thanks to interior designers who are experts in made-to-measure and Made in Italy furnishings. Italian catering is famous all over the world, as is our own design. The skill of our interior architects is well known and valuable and they will be able to provide you with valuable support in creating appropriate interior spaces, decorations and exteriors that will make an excellent first impression.

Here are some things that you will need to take into consideration before starting interior renovations with the professionals of Tognini Arredamenti who will be able to deliver a turnkey renovated restaurant, one of the most advantageous services around.

Everything you need to know about how to renovate a restaurant

The renovation of the restaurant is a serious matter. The look of your restaurant will determine what your customers think about your brand and your food. The exterior and interior of the restaurant form the first impression of the quality of the restaurant in the mind of the customer, it is inevitable. Also, renovating a restaurant is an expensive business, and you can’t just undo the renovations if you think they’re not working. So, if you are considering doing a restaurant remodel, keep these things in mind that will help you renovate a restaurant successfully.

Make a plan

Although the interior architects will think about all the details of the restaurant renovation and the bespoke furnishings, it is important to communicate the desires and goals you intend to achieve with the interior designers. Think about the critical points and strengths because they will serve you to make sure that the renovation exalts them and renews them to please the public. Your plan can be a very valuable guide for interior architects who will work on your project because it will inspire them and they will be able to learn more about your intentions and aspirations.

Establish a budget

Another important thing to know from the beginning is how much you are willing to spend and invest for the success of your business. There is no problem if the budget is low, the best interior designers are perfectly capable of finding innovative and economical solutions that will help your business rise again.

Analyze the market

Analyze trends, competition and your own restaurant and choose accordingly. Identify the critical points of your business with sincerity: if it is a simple renovation or a real renovation there is a difference and you will have to take this into account because this will affect the budget available and the activities of the professional interior renovation company. Choose carefully whether you intend to do a complete rebranding or simply accentuate a character.

Think of it all as an investment

Bespoke restaurant renovation and furniture is a winning move on the market and it is important to consider this expense as an investment that will lead to a 10-20% increase in sales, a figure that has been found in all those restaurants that have undergone a recent renovation.

Are you an Interior Designer? An architect?

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