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Refurbishment of Commercial Space


After occupying a space for a long time, most commercial businesses often feel the need to change location. The new location means searching for a new commercial space, spending some time and money, and redirecting customers to the new site. These processes could affect a business adversely, especially in instances where customers are fond of an original location.

To avoid this scenario, refurbishment of commercial space is the perfect second option. Interior designers and architects alike provide commercial space refurbishment services to businesses.

How to Go About Refurbishment of Commercial Space

Commercial space Refurbishment can come in different forms. You can have a big budget refurbishment, which could involve the complete renovation of the interior and exterior premises. Alternatively, you can have a small budget refurbishment focusing on the interiors design of specifics like walls, floors, furniture, etc.

Refurbishment of commercial space often always includes a change of interior design, style, color themes, incorporation of rebranded logos, and expansion of commercial space to accommodate increased growth.

When to Do Refurbishment

Commercial space refurbishment is necessary if you desire an improvement. In addition, business promotional plans oftentimes include commercial space refurbishment. A refurbished commercial space can draw the attention of customers to the business premises. Certain instances that often demands refurbishment includes:

•         Rebranding

When the brand image of a business is improved or changed, the building interior design has to reflect this change to align with new growth and changes. Refurbishment plans will strategically include the new identity of the company in the interior design, to reflect its transition. Interior designers will take a thorough study of the company’s brand image and create custom interior designs for the refurbished commercial space.

•         Employee needs

Commercial space refurbishment also benefits employees. Many employees love a working environment with up-to-date equipment and furnishings. The sight of worn-out furniture or faded wallpapers can deplete employee enthusiasm.  A beautiful working environment encourages employee productivity.

•         Going green

Climate change has influenced the choice of interior design for many businesses. Many businesses have adopted greener solutions. Every business wants to promote a climate-friendly image and commercial space refurbishment is an easy way to get this done. Popular greener solutions include incorporating more greenery like indoor plants and opting for solar energy.

•         Growth and enlargement

The Growth of a business leads to a demand for more space to accommodate new employees and office equipment alike. In instances like this, a commercial space refurbishment is a perfect solution. The refurbishment plans will expand the space or maximize the available space to create room for new changes.

Commercial Space Refurbishment Solutions

Popular refurbishment solutions for commercial space include new bespoke furniture, new lighting system, wall decorations, partitioning, and new color themes in case of rebranding etc. Do you desire a commercial space refurbishment? Contact a professional interior design firm like Tognini Arredamenti to get started. Tognini Arredamenti is an Italian interior design firm with years of experience in commercial space refurbishment. Tognini provides all the interior design solutions to help you get the best refurbishment done on your commercial space.

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