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Post pandemic house: new furnishing trends


The Covid-19 pandemic has also had an effect on our way of living the domestic space. The new furnishing trends tell us how the house changes after, between lockdown and home isolation, even a simple bedroom has begun to take on a different meaning.

Living in a pandemic world has put us in front of different needs, in which the home has taken on a central dimension in daily life. We think of the rise of smart working, which has required many to integrate the home with the office, and the need for spaces with a more marked division with comfortable and practical furniture for every need.

These trends are also reflected in the real estate market, where requests for properties outside large urban centers are increasing, complete with open and bright spaces and with well-divided interiors. Also in furnishing some choices are highlighted that reflect this new way of living the home. Here’s what you need to know.

The house after Covid: new post lockdown furnishing trends

Staying at home: a mood that under the pandemic has almost become a warning. The time spent at home has increased, also thanks to the various restrictions that accompanied 2020 and part of 2021. The restart has slowly begun, but many have rediscovered staying at home, also thanks to the “forced time” lived at home .

Especially for students and young people, but less so for families, the time spent at home was much more limited. The pandemic has helped to change our habits, making us experience the house and its spaces in a new way.

For some, the home is now an office, for those who work totally or partially in teleworking, a gym, for those who train at home, a recreational place, for those who prefer to hang out at home.

Creating distinct spaces and areas, even where square meters are limited, has become a priority derived from the new way of living one’s home. A complete reorganization, driven by different needs deriving from many activities that normally took place outside the home.

Work, rest and take care of yourself with defined boundaries: the bedrooms are conceived as larger, the kitchen / living room open space is seen in a new light, the study room takes on a different and more important value.

Living the house in a pandemic: the importance of style

Our home has become even more a precious refuge: an oasis to be valued from all points of view.

The spaces, and the budget available, shape the needs and style we apply to our home. However, with the pandemic underway, even the choice of furnishings adds that extra attention to detail.

A table, a bed, a sofa: selecting a furnishing style, starting from the color to the space available, becomes essential for the mood we want to give to our home.

Industrial, Shabby, warm colors that are inspired by the textures of wood, accessories and the right objects: many of our customers arrive with a desire, an idea, which through our interior designers is realized with practical advice and estimates.

Working from home: furnishing a study corner

The pandemic has also changed the way of working: for many smart working has become the protagonist, also changing the very concept of work.

In fact, various professional fields have seen the acceleration of a way of working that has now become commonplace. Whether with regard to home isolation, during lockdowns or contact with a positive person, the need to have a space dedicated to work has changed the way of living in the home.

The home office is back in vogue: whether it is a study, if you have a room to dedicate, or a study corner, if there is less space. Obviously, everything is translated into the modern world: desks that allow you to host a fixed or laptop computer in the best possible way, comfortable chairs with a suitable backrest and ergonomic armrests, floor lamps and lamps suitable for always having the right light so as not to tire your eyes.

Having a space to devote to working hours, other than the sofa, also meets the need for separation between professional and private environments, making even a small study corner presentable for a video call meeting.

The kitchen: a heart that is more beating than ever

Pizzas, desserts, unlikely recipes: the lockdown has made the kitchen even more protagonist, thanks also to the long time spent at home.

Even the kitchen therefore suffers the effects of this very particular historical period: it is rediscovered by those who did not have a particular propensity in it, learning to cook, and enhanced by those who already juggle with skill in the kitchen.

The trends in this case are different: those who adapt with a simple kitchenette, perhaps composed only of the gas machine, opt for a more structured kitchen through a fixed composition.

The triumph of the kitchen, as a complete space suitable for every need (even in everyday life), is also reflected in the choices of free composition: the kitchen becomes a space no longer to be touched and run, but structured on the person and on people.

A meeting place, pleasant, complete, where you can stop for a coffee in company or complete with everything for a dinner with many guests. Angled peninsula and island become not only a comfortable table top, but an area dedicated to breakfast or a happy hour at home.

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