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Pizzeria fit-out | 5 creative ideas for 2021


Many factors influence the choice of the pizzeria in which to go out to eat. The food is undoubtedly the main one, but the scenography and decor play their part. For this reason, an interior designer or an architect needs to know how to choose the best furniture and materials to furnish the pizzeria because the combination of smells, flavors, colors, and comforts affects loyalty of the customer.

Many businesses such as restaurants and pizzerias choose to follow the trends of the moment, always keeping in mind the customization aspect and the quality of custom-built furnishings for pizzerias. As a result, originality is always rewarded with good customer appeal.

Choosing a modern and creative pizzeria furniture that gives a personal impression to the place is possible thanks to the bespoke furnishings. Furthermore, the bespoke furnishings represent an original approach and a touch of elegance that will make the pizzeria irresistible in all senses and make the clients feel at ease.

Let’s see 5 creative and trendy ideas of pizzeria fit-out in 2021.

Country-chic pizzeria furniture

pizzeria country chic

Perfect for those who love the rustic but elegant style, with raw wood furniture and with the colors of the season. This style culminates in revisited vintage elements and bespoke furnishings to enhance the country style.

The country chic decor recalls the nature inside the room, creating a welcoming environment with neutral colors and warm lights. The touch of class? Enhance the grain of the wood and replicate the imperfections of an antique piece of furniture, which brings to mind a hint of nostalgia.

Modern pizzeria furniture

modern pizzeria

A trend that never sets because it adapts perfectly to all types of places that want to get noticed. The modern design is characterized by elegance and functionality of the spaces. The modern look favors bold colors, white or black, but also opaque for the counters and cold lights.

The lines play to intersect in the stools and decorations, while the extreme modernism can be found in the functionality of the bespoke furnishings that can be designed on demand.

1920s-style pizza restaurant furniture

Pizzeria 20s style

To enter the pizzeria and immediately feel yourself in another era, Roaring Twenties, is a unique experience of its kind. The 1920s style recalls the Great Gatsby, cocktails, dancing, elegance, and parties.

A style with a timeless flavor in which the details make the difference: gold finishes and sinuous, lively lines, decorative elements inspired by feathers and diamonds. Dark wood and art nouveau decorations complete the interior design of the restaurant-pizzeria along with sturdy chairs, comfortable armchairs in the waiting room, and consoles with refined vases.

Bespoke furniture for pizzeria

To express an inimitable character and personality, it is recommended to rely on interior designers and artisans who know how to work with bespoke furniture for a pizzeria. The professionals will create completely customized counters and tables that reflect the tastes and story of the pizzeria.

which include:

  • Stone walls and counters made of hand-oxidized copper,
  • or hand-worked steel and LED lighting.

When choosing custom-made furniture, a room can have the style it prefers and the furniture made will be unique, classy and trendy.

Bespoke furniture for pizzeria New Age

modern pizzeria

The New Age feels a strong contact with spirituality and for this reason the elements of modern design interpenetrate with references to nature and soft colors. Its peculiar characters are:

  • Futuristic and essential furniture combined with rustic decorations.
  • Wood with a worn look.
  • The use of mirrors completes an avant-garde style.

Here, gold is an absolute protagonist but is used in small doses and veins on the walls, combined with floor lamps and particularly round shapes.

These are just small tips on furnishing a pizza restaurant that allows many possibilities for customization based on tastes and design requirements. You can find new and exciting ideas by continuing to follow our magazine!

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