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Office Refurbishment Modern Interior Solutions


Are you a business owner? Are you looking forward to giving your office space a new look, or Do you feel like adding some touch to your office space? Then make office refurbishment plans. An office refurbishment makes it easy to give your office space a new look without moving into new premises. 

Office refurbishment is very useful in case of organizational changes or reforms, which will require your business to reflect an improved identity. 

Office refurbishment solutions can help you create your brand identity in the work environment, generate more space in case of an increase in employees and improve employee morale and enthusiasm. 

Office refurbishment requires the skill and expertise of experienced interior design solution providers because it is a sophisticated project. Here at Tognini Arredamenti, we are committed to using our years of expertise in interior design to provide you with the best office refurbishment solutions that suit your company’s needs and goals. 

We have a variety of design solutions for you to choose from. One of which is our collection of modern interior design. Modern interior designs are certainly the most preferred design style for office spaces. 

As a design style, modern interior design is influenced by modernism. It began in the late 19th century. Common characteristics of a modern interior design include simplicity, minimalism, and the use of industrial elements.

To help you give your office refurbishment plans a touch of modern interior solutions, here are some useful tips:

•          Flexible workstations  

A popular characteristic of modern design is the flexibility in the use of space. You can opt for workstation designs that enable employees to move freely, not confined to one desk or cubicle for long hours. You can create a flexible workstation by making use of a large wooden table or desk. 

•          Multi-faceted seating and lounge areas

Modern office interior design could have features like a lounge area alongside a reception room where employees can welcome guests and hold meetings. Lounge areas are increasingly becoming a popular component of modern interiors. Multi-faceted seating helps employees combine work with relaxation, leisure, socialization, and comfort.

•          Glass offices

Modern interiors often feature glass walls solutions. They help create inclusive partitioning within the workplace. Inclusive partitioning enables some level of privacy while at the same time ensuring employees are not disconnected or shut out of the office community.

•          Sliding doors

Modern interior office solutions also feature sliding doors and frosted glass windows. Sliding doors create privacy and easy accessibility as well.

•          Smart technology

A common feature of modern interior design is the incorporation of smart technological solutions. Smart technology is essential considering the increasing demand for facilities like video conferencing rooms. To create smart office interiors, you can opt for conference tables designed to integrate modern technology. 

•          Use of bold colors. The latest modern interior design trend often features the creative use of bold colors. You can decide to use bold colors only at strategic areas of the office space like the lounge areas or reception rooms, or you could choose a mix of bold and warm colors everywhere around the office.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

“We put our experience gained through 42 years as a private and public interior fit-out contractor working all over the world at your service. Whatever style or technical difficulty of your project is, we are always ready to help you in its execution on the top level.”

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