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Modern house renovation: 5 different styles


The modern style in furniture has gained a lot of space in recent years. More than just a trend, the modern style is a way of living the home in an innovative way, celebrating your everyday life every day. Renovating a modern home has never been easier, with the turnkey solutions from Tognini Arredamenti: exceptional interior designers at the service of your idea of a modern home.

When it comes to modernity, however, it should be emphasized that there is no single way to be modern. The modern house adapts perfectly to different styles and different ways of living your home. Investing in a modern home renovation allows you to space and have a home complete with all comforts available in a short time and to enjoy a completely renovated environment.

The design of the modern house corresponds to a simple rule: the design is determined by the function and this creates special models for the house. Let’s see together 5 styles suitable for modern home renovation not to be missed.

1. Past, present and future

It is a very fascinating design for the modern home, which celebrates the history of the home by showcasing original details from the past and comparing them directly with modern ones. Walls with exposed stone in extremely modern interiors, such as the poured concrete floor and metal furniture: everything is designed to create a link between old and new, like a thread that connects all eras and brings them back to life in everyday life. It is an ideal style for a cottage, a country villa, a house with a story yet to be told.

2. Open space

Just as it is for lofts, the open space immediately gives the idea of modern style. The rooms of this type of house are all designed to be inhabited, even the kitchen which has become one of the most lived-in rooms in the house, usually incorporating the dining area and the one with sofas. The upper floor which is reached by a scenic staircase, an integral part of the design, divides the private rooms. The open space is the apotheosis of modernity because it is open, free and bright.

3. Mezzanine

Expanding spaces in an innovative way is possible thanks to the creation of a mezzanine: it is basically a matter of adding a level within a room to create an extra room. The modern style is perfectly suited to this new search for spaces. Adding a balcony or mezzanine inside a taller room accentuates its height, connects different spaces through lines, and adds interest and character to a property. There are many interesting solutions, some open and others made of glass or even closed to ensure privacy. Here, too, the staircase is an absolute protagonist of the design and an integral part of the enlarged home.

4. Glass and internal gardens

Modern villas and homes see the presence of different materials, in particular the combination of wood and glass is particularly modern and allows for a very attractive interior renovation. With glass it is possible to create entire internal sections of the house and “divide” the rooms without closing the spaces. A self-respecting modern furniture is a furniture tailored to your needs that has a unique appearance: why not take advantage of the additional space to create an internal garden and perhaps a glass corridor? This will allow the house to be illuminated, fresh and at the forefront of design.

5. Green modern

There is no doubt that the latest trend in modernity is the green one that can be obtained through interior architects specialized in the search for the most ecological materials and craftsmanship. The walls will be talked about by plants arranged vertically even inside, or by retractable ceilings that allow you to directly connect interior with exterior and feel an integral part of nature.

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