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Modern Bar Counters


Each bar has its soul in the counter, the first element that is noticed at the entrance, the typical furniture that is the fulcrum of all the activities within the venue. Behind the counter the barman prepares coffee, cappuccinos, juices every day, serves drinks and satisfies customers’ requests. Precisely for this evident importance, the current market offers an infinite range of models in various styles and materials, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.


Let’s start with the functional aspect, because, as we have seen, the main purpose of a counter is to facilitate and speed up the activities of barmen and waiters: it must be practical and offer comfortable surfaces on which plates, glasses, bottles, crockery and others will be placed. work accessories. The most suitable materials are steel and aluminum, resistant, easy to clean and sanitize.

Spacious undercounter and back counter will allow you to more comfortably accommodate the refrigerator and the equipment for the preparation of your products.

The shape is also important: linear or angular, choose the one that best suits your place and optimizes the space: the ultimate aim is to increase the speed of service to encourage consumption and satisfy your customers.


Functionality in the first place, but with this you absolutely must not neglect the aesthetic aspect, as the counter is the heart of your business and can prove to be essential for attracting and retaining customers. Choose a style that complies with the rest of the furniture, always opt for a design that has personality.

There are many options offered by today’s market, let’s see the main ones:

  • the classic models refer to the retro atmosphere of the bars of the past, where often the most used material is wood with handcrafted inlays and finishes; there is no shortage of leather solutions that create a pleasant vintage effect;
  • the contemporary models develop elegant and minimal lines with the latest generation materials; the design is dry and the main material in this case is steel, with plastic additions.

Whatever your choice, always keep in mind that the bar counter is the lively and interactive part of your place.

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