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Mid-century modern interior | 6 design tips


In the previous article, we learned the main stages of the mid-century modern style development and its features, so if you are interested in learning more about the history of the interior style, follow the link. Let’s move on to six simple mid-century modern interior decorating tips.

As much light as possible in the room

Mid-Century Modern interior Tognini Bespoke Furniture

An important borrowing from the Scandinavian style. Focus on creating lots of natural light. Panoramic windows and the walls were made of glass.

One needs to divide the space using compact items: a through rack, a light sliding partition or a sofa with thin legs.

Actively combine materials and textures

mid-century modern interior Tognini Bespoke Furniture

A lot of wood is used in mid-century modern interiors. The material was used to decorate the floors, ceiling, walls, and furniture, yet the style focuses on democracy. Therefore, now one can use cork, plywood or laminate instead of natural wood.

All this was due to the post-war furniture boom, which triggered the development of new materials and technologies. The active use of plastics in the manufacture of chairs and tables began.

Designers turned to the combination of different materials and textures in interior design. Therefore, when working in the mid-century modern style, wood, glass, plastic and textiles of various densities are still used.

Yes to natural colors, but let’s bring on bright accents

mid-century Modern interior Tognini bespoke furniture

The basic color palette of the style was calm because it was comfort and peace that people were looking for in the post-war period. However, interior designers sometimes did not mind diluting it with bright accents of natural shades. Moreover, those years pop art became quite popular and its influence is also traced in interior design.

Careful selection of furniture

Finally, the main part of the interior. The designers of the furniture tried to make it as convenient and affordable as possible for the consumer. Soft and rounded shapes have come into fashion.

A prime example is Arne Jacobsen‘s iconic egg-shaped chair, the famous Eames Lounge chair from the American family Eames, the Tulip chair from Eero Saarinen, the curved plastic Panton chair from Werner Panton and other design legends.

Abstract prints and geometric patterns

Mid-Century modern interior Tognini Bespoke furniture

In the post-war period, people began to experiment with colors, which gave a kick-off to the frequent use of many wallpapers with abstract prints and geometric patterns. They are fine for an accent wall. In addition, following a sense of proportion and minimalism, one can add dynamics to space with the help of a moderate amount of textiles: pillows and curtains with patterns.

Diversity of lighting

With the advent of the mid-century, floor and wall lamps came into fashion and took on the additional role of decorating a space as an art object. Pole Henningsen’s Artichoke and the Arco floor lamp from the Castiglioni brothers are prime examples. The designers agreed on one thing: lighting should be multifunctional and versatile. All this led to active use of ceiling lights, side and local lighting, floor lamps and table lamps.

In case you’d like to design an interior in mid-century modern style with custom-made furniture and fittings, feel free to contact us via e-mail. We offer interior fit-out and turnkey interior solutions for any interior style based on your wishes and tasks.

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