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Luxury Interior Fit-Out Services by Tognini


Italy is synonymous with good taste in virtually everything from clothing, to architecture including interior design and decor. Thus, you will probably want to use Italian fittings and furniture if you are looking for luxury interior fit-outs. 

Having quality fittings and poor designers is a recipe for disappointment. Italian furniture and fittings work best with experienced Italian interior designers. This statement doesn’t necessarily mean that other designers can’t get the job done, but on average, the chances of a skilled Italian designer doing a good job are much higher.

When you have an Italian designer with a proven track record, you eliminate the possibility of a shoddy job. This is where Tognini Arredamenti comes in. We have worked with luxury residences, apartments, penthouses, and so on. You can count on us to deliver excellence.   

Besides excellent skills, Tognini has a wide range of experience that gives the company a unique understanding of the characteristics of the premium material you give to us to do the work. The team of craftsmen and craftswomen who get the job done is made invariably of experienced Italians. Each one of the craftsmen is a recognized expert in handling specific material. 

luxury interior fit out

What process does Tognini use to complete a luxury fit-out?

The first step is always a series of meetings with the client. The project architect is also a part of these meetings to understand the client’s preferences. Being experts in the field, Tognini helps clients fashion their preferences into workable concepts by suggesting the materials and furniture that would best bring the client’s vision into reality. 

Once agreed, Tognini develops a schedule of materials, labor, and all the estimated costs, after which both parties establish the terms of engagement.

Procurement of materials then follows as a next step. Some of the fittings are bought directly from the market, but Tognini designs bespoke furniture to match the client’s exact need. Bespoke work sets luxury designs apart from ordinary designs. Delivery and installation of the furniture and accessories then follows in a concerted effort between Tognini and the project architect. 

After how long does the installation start?

Tognini, being a highly professional firm, swings into action immediately after the terms of engagement have been signed. How long it takes from then depends on the size of the project. Ninety days, give or take a few days, is usually a reasonable time estimate.

What is the quality of furniture and accessories?

No matter where the project is located, Tognini Arredamenti manufactures its furniture and accessories in Italy. We use their world-class craftsmen who deliver the most outstanding quality Italian furniture using high quality, select materials, as agreed with the client. All the materials used meet the stringent quality conditions set by the European Union.

Why should I trust Tognini? 

The company has been operational in the luxury interior design industry for the past 42 years. We have executed high-end projects in both the private and private sectors in all continents. During this period, we have developed the capacity to deal with any difficulties we might encounter. 

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