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Luxury Bespoke Interiors for Contemporary Living

In interior design, there is no luxury without bespoke interior design. The bespoke interior is luxury in the real sense of the word. It befits the definition of luxury in contemporary living. Contemporary living often exhibits class, sophistication, and exoticness. 

It could be a simple interior solution like a dining table or a lampstand, whatever choice you prefer, luxury bespoke interiors always appeal to a cosmopolitan taste. 

In terms of style, most luxury interiors display influences from the art deco style. They seek to re-enact the unfading beauty of art deco in contemporary living experiences. Common attributes like luxury, modernism, art, classicism grandeur, and extravagance are worthy references.

Luxury bespoke interiors strive to reflect contemporary living and lifestyle. This requires developing in detail every piece of the design process, making use of luxurious materials, and adopting skilled and detailed finishing with the highest standard of quality. 

Some examples of luxury bespoke interiors suitable for contemporary living include:

Bespoke paneling features:  the use of bespoke designed paneling is a luxury interior solution often utilized to highlight the main hall of a house. You can either make use of a glossy sycamore wood panel with a color that adds brilliance or opt for panels with metallic elements.

Maximizing great views: contemporary lifestyle implies a residential location offering great views of a city. To maximize a great view designers make use of interiors like floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors. This gives access to uninterrupted views of the city.

Use of LED lighting: LED lighting suits contemporary living. It creates an exuberant atmosphere often complementing the glow from luxurious materials.

Sliding panels: sliding panels complete the decoration of the interior walls. Sliding wall panels made of tiles create a perfectly modern and urbane effect.

The kitchen: for the kitchen modern materials exhibits a contemporary living taste for example kitchen cabinetry features marble, ceramic, and high gloss finishing.

Incorporating smart design: contemporary luxury implies smart technology. Smart design and interiors streamline the function of equipment like heat and moisture detection solutions.

Function and leisure: Luxury bespoke interiors incorporate function and leisure reflective of contemporary living. A bathroom’s design incorporates leisure facilities like a sauna and other spa-like features.

All luxury bespoke interiors synergize style and elegance, function, and comfort whether in the bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Rich and glossy finishing, art deco style on wall décor and furniture, hand plaited silk, glass finishing, and mirror panels adorn the bedrooms and living rooms.

Other main attributes are glossy marble finishing for the bathrooms, custom rugs, lush fabrics, modern lighting, bespoke furnishing, and smart designs.

To get comprehensive access to innovative luxury bespoke interiors for contemporary living, get in touch with Tognini Arredamenti. At Tognini Arredamenti we make sure we attend to detail. This we achieve through excellent project management after consultations. We provide the design for the project after consultation and manage every stage of the project. our services cover full property renovation as well as specific interior design and refurbishment of specific areas like bathroom or kitchen.

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