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Luxury Bespoke Furniture: Made in Italy Manufacturer


Seeing a stamp of “Made in Italy” on a product assures you that you are getting the best of its kind. For centuries, Italian furniture manufacturers produced furnishings that were expertly crafted. The quality of furniture manufactured allowed the industry to gain popularity in the ancient days. This reputation has not died down as Italy remains one of the leading countries in the furniture manufacturing industry.

Italian furniture design has continued to evolve during different periods in history. Luxury Bespoke Furniture can come in any of these Italian inspired styles:

The Classic Style

This style applies excellent craftsmanship, accentuated patterns & design and the use of the finest materials such as silk, velvet, brocade, as well as gold and silver leaf finish. Incorporating these traditional Italian design in furniture manufacturing offers the end product an aesthetic value that displays elegance and class.

Italian manufacturers have successfully transitioned into producing furniture designs that look modern while also integrating the traditional style.

The Modern Style

Most Italian manufacturers have adopted the modern style of Italian furniture since it is more popular these days. Modern style Italian furniture is known for its minimalist and sophisticated look. This style is crafted with the best materials, usually solid wood and fabric. Simple features such as straight lines, simple patterns, and neutral colors are applied in this style.

Classic meets Modern Style

This style integrates the distinctive elements of both the classic style and the modern style. This blend offers a combination of elegance and modern sophistication.

The Production Process

Every manufacturer’s dream is to provide the best of furniture that will suit the customer’s needs. To ensure that this is achieved, precise attention to detail is required in the production process. 

One of the basic materials used for furniture making is wood. The type of wood to be selected depends on the design of the furniture. For example, hardwood like oak wood and mahogany, due to their toughness and durability, is used for dining tables, dressers, bed frames; While fir and birch, known as softwood, is used to make cabinets and window frames. 

Leather and fabric, another type of materials used in furniture making, are chosen not just because of their aesthetic purpose but also their functional value. For example, using upholstery not only for its aesthetic but because it is manufactured with scratch resistance, stain resistance, and water repellence technology.

It is crucial to use high-quality materials for production, and each stage of production must follow a strict quality control process. It is also important to pick out a team of professionals who will employ state-of-the-art technology to manufacture furniture that meets the standards of Italian design and quality.

Made in Italy Luxury Bespoke Furniture by Tognini Arredamenti

We incorporate Italy’s rich cultural element into our designs combined with expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to provide Luxury Bespoke, Made in Italy furniture for every space. 

If you are going for luxury, elegance or comfort, your best choice is Tognini. Liven up your space with our premium quality luxury Italian furniture designed just for you. Make a selection from a range of luxury bespoke furniture manufactured by Tognini Arredamenti.

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