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Loft Interior Fit-out | Style History and Decoration Tips


Are you an interior designer seeking design ideas for a loft apartment? You must have heard about loft style.

Like every interior design solution, loft-style is designed to suit a particular type of interior or space. Loft means attic, the top floor of a warehouse or a factory building and that is exactly what inspires this style of interior design.

So how did the loft-style come about?

Loft style traces its history down to a period where the need arose to create residential housing units around factory districts. Increased urban population especially around industrial areas brought about new ways of living to surmount the challenge of limited spaces. This need to maximize limited space resulted in the conversion of industrial buildings and factories to residential units.

To make these types of spaces more liveable loft-style designs were birthed to suit the needs of the residents and at the same time make good use of the unique loft space.

Loft spaces are loft in every sense of the word, they are commonly characterized by high ceilings, and large windows (usually airy), an abundance of open space with few or no wall partitioning, minimal furniture, concrete floors, and modern technology reflecting industrial origins.

Perhaps you are an interior décor enthusiast searching for the perfect design for a loft apartment but don’t know much about it. Well, here are all the main features of a loft-style interior:

Wide-open space: A typical loft space could be about one hundred square meters, accessing an abundance of sunlight. Consequently, high ceilings without partitions are preferable choices for a loft-style interior design.

Industrial materials: another feature of the loft-style design is the use of industrial materials. Elements with industrial flair often reflecting past industrial traditions like raw brick walls, aged frames, and metal ladders are common features in a loft-style interior design.

Ceilings: the high ceiling is a common feature. Exposed beams and pipes help create the design’s factory setting.

Curtains:  to make good use of the abundant light streaming into the apartment, fewer curtains are used, this allows free penetration of light. The huge sunrays slashing across the room often define loft apartments.

Raw brick walls: much concrete and raw brick walls create an industrial effect. Other elements of the industrial past like aged frames, metal ladders, and visible ventilation systems are incorporated with modern technology solutions.

Furniture: furniture usually incorporate modern exotic design with vintage elements honoring early industrialization, like making use of neutral tones with strokes of bright accent as well as brass or metal finishing.

Glam effect: interior décor solutions like colored lamps, glittering chandeliers, LED lighting, and floor lamps are used to create a glamorous effect. In addition, mirrors often have brass accents, and indoor plants in concrete pots are common.

So how do you go about getting these fit-outs in your loft apartment? Tognini Arredamenti is a top-notch Italian design firm that provides turnkey interior design solutions and apartment fit-out services makes it easier.  You can contact them today to get the job done.

Are you an interior designer or an architect? 

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