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Lighting and Shop: How to Sell with the Right Light


The right lighting not only changes the aesthetics of a store, but is also able to significantly increase sales. Let’s see how.


Lighting in stores changes the perception of objects and the experience of customers themselves within the store. It is a process that mostly acts in our unconscious. If positioned in the right way, the light plays a fundamental role. Firstly, it creates and maintains the conditions for better vision in the absence of disturbances. In practice, the lighting in the shops ensures a high degree of visual comfort for shoppers. It also makes the commercial offer more attractive, inviting and engaging. This is why we talk about the concept of “light to sell”: the light must in fact be designed to attract the eyes of anyone who enters the store.


After understanding how important it is, let’s understand which are the areas in which to concentrate the lighting in the store. Obviously they vary according to the type of shop. Let’s take clothing as an example. In this case it is essential to focus on the dressing rooms. The light here must have a high chromatic reproduction index to make sure that the colors of the clothes are the real ones and do not appear staggered. It is also good to position the lights on the sides of the mirror avoiding those that are too light or too dark. Another central point on which to focus the lighting in the store are the shop windows. Here it is advisable to play on the most scenic or even theatrical aspects to convince the passer-by to enter. We need to create an atmosphere, highlighting the style of the products on display. Make way for chiaroscuro and soft lighting, but always sticking to the style of the shop and its product category.


To attract attention, it is essential to choose the right shade of light. It must be able to emphasize all colors and their shades. It is measured in kelvins and varies from warm lights tending to orange (values below 3300k) to cold lights tending to blue (above 5300k). In general, it is better to prefer warm lights for classic clothing stores or for families as they communicate comfort and intimacy. If, on the other hand, you run a haute couture or sportswear store, we opt for cold lights that are associated with an idea of greater modernity and dynamism.

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