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Japanese style furniture for Sushi Bar


Japanese culture is increasingly in fashion here in the West, with Japanese food taking off. However, if you are planning to open a themed restaurant, the choice of furnishings for a sushi bar is also essential. It is not just a question of cooking excellent dishes: emphasis must also be placed on the furniture, finishes and materials. In fact, it is precisely to them that it is up to them to contribute to making the spaces welcoming and pleasant in order to make us feel as if we were right in Japan. It is essential to include refrigerated display cases for fresh or raw fish in the furnishings of a sushi bar. This must in fact be stored at a certain temperature to preserve its integrity, to avoid altering the flavor and, above all, to comply with hygiene and health standards. Display cases are also associated with them to display the hottest dishes.

Japanese-style decor things?

Japanese-style furniture must be minimal but absolutely functional. As for the chairs, it is good that they have simple shapes and that they adapt to the style of the room. Better to prefer comfortable and safe seats to make the experience of a dinner with friends comfortable. An integral part of the Japanese-style furniture are the booths, a characteristic element for this type of venue. They divide spaces discreetly and allow guests to have their own privacy while they eat. Equally important for Japanese-style furniture are the high ceiling lamps or the lower ones to create atmosphere.

Favorite materials for sushi bars

Finally, the counters for sushi bars can never be missing. In addition to traditional take away and table service, most sushi bars have in fact implemented them to serve single portions of sushi. These have a double function: both for preparing and storing food. They are therefore a solution that perfectly reflects the Japanese design and at the same time always proves very practical. As for the material for the construction of the counters for sushi bars, the most suitable is certainly wood. Better still if in a natural style, which gives an extra touch of modernity to the place.

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