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Italian Interior Designers | TOP 10 Global Names


Italy is synonymous with style, class, and design. Not only is Italy a vacation destination it’s also a home for many prominent interior designers be it in the fashion world or interior design world. Italian interior design studios are unarguably one of the most appealing and sought after.

Just so you can know them better here is a list of the top ten global names in the Italian interior design industry. These interior designers have a long-established presence in interior design:  

Tognini Arredamenti

Founded over forty years ago Tognini exemplifies rich Italian craftsmanship in style and art. Tognini specializes in creating luxury bespoke furniture for a variety of clients as well as turnkey interior solutions for hotel, office spaces, residential units, and commercial spaces.  Serving individuals and interior designers alike within Italy and across the globe, they boast a large portfolio of satisfied clients. Tognini’s scorecard of experience and sustained patronage from clients is unrivaled.

Lissoni Associati

Lissoni Associati is a design studio based in Milan founded in 1986 by Piero Lissoni and Nicoletta Canesi two notable Italian designers. Their interior design solutions comprehensively cover a large field of design; from architecture to interior design, product design, and graphic design.

Patricia Urquiola

A household name in the Italian interior design world, Patricia Urquiola brings her feminine flair to the list. Although she is Spanish by nationality, Patricia is a top-notch Italian-based designer. Her designs reflect the qualities of rigor, innovation, and mental comfort. Patricia has been associated with some big names in the interior design world one of which was her collaboration with Piero Lissoni. Patricia opened her studio in Milan in 2001.

Antonio Cittero

Antonio is a household name in Italian interior design. Some of Antonio Cittero’s works are proudly displayed in the contemporary design collection of major museums across the world. 

Dimore Studio

Dimore studio was founded in 2003 by the combined duo of Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. The name Dimore means ‘abodes or dwellings’ in Italian. This is reflected in their designs, which often create a nostalgic effect.

Dimore studio interior solutions carry the perfect blend of Emiliano and Britts talent and profession in art, design, and fashion.

Studio Pepe

Studio Pepe is a proudly Milan-based modern interior design solutions provider.  It was founded by the artistic duo of Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di pinto. Their design studio has accomplished success in various degrees of design projects providing services like bespoke furniture design and modern interior solutions with a touch of Italian craftsmanship. 

Cristina Celestino

Cristina doubles as an architect and an interior designer. She has demonstrated her design prowess in many projects incorporating art in design.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli’s home interiors services were founded in 2012. Roberto provides a variety of luxury furniture and interior design solutions that exudes a combined mix of luxury and elegance.  

Atelier Biagetti

Atelier Biagetti is an Italian interior design solutions provider specializing in contemporary designs.

Caberlon Caroppi

Founded in 2005 Carbelon Caroppi designs are targeted at creating concepts in hospitality design.

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