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Italian Bespoke Furniture Supplier


Talk about ambiance, luxury, class, exotic elegance, and skillful finishing in furniture and you are as good as describing Italian bespoke furniture. Globally people recognize Italian designers to be custodians of a rich design culture embracing both the fashion and interior design world. 

Italian design has sustained a long record of excellence and expertise. Therefore, it is not surprising that when it comes to furniture design the demand for Italian bespoke furniture supersedes any other.

There are many Italian furniture design houses committed to sustaining this heritage and reputation of Italian design. One notable Italian design house is Tognini Arredamenti.  

Tognini Arredamenti is an Italian bespoke furniture supplier providing cutting-edge bespoke furniture made in Italy to individuals and businesses alike. Tognini’s manufacturing processes employ the expertise of skilled Italian designers to execute and supervise all its furniture design projects. Tognini’s bespoke furniture is produced with detailed Italian craftsmanship.

With Tognini collection of bespoke furniture, you get access to pieces with embodiments of the quality and sophistication of Italian design. We are committed to giving our clients the highest quality from start to finish.

Since its inception, Tognini Arredamenti has been supplying thousands of Italian bespoke furniture and interiors to several clients. This service spans over 40 years. In response to the dynamic tastes of clients and their demands, Tognini supplies comprehensive furniture solutions ranging from armchairs, sofas, tables, cabinets, and lots more. These vast ranges of services enable our clients to access one-stop interior solutions for comprehensive home furnishings, fixtures, and fittings.

Tognini’s collection of furniture and interior design features classic Italian furniture, modern Italian furniture, and contemporary Italian furniture. Our classic Italian furniture collections revive the grandeur and classical exoticness associated with ancient Roman villas and palaces.

Our modern Italian furniture collection brings to light elements of industrial urban lifestyle and modernity with an Italian taste. Our contemporary Italian furniture collection exemplifies the latest trends in Italian art and design.

Tognini provides a diversity of furniture from common traditional furniture to custom furniture featuring tables, bar stools, swivel chairs, coffee tables, center tables, cabinets, sofas, sideboards, bedroom furniture, and study room furniture. Other solutions include including mirrors, lamps, and chandeliers. 

Tognini special custom-made furniture caters to both business needs and individual priorities. 

Tognini supplies bespoke Italian furniture to hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Our hotel furniture is manufactured to suit the needs of customers and blend with the hotel environment and brand. Our hotel furniture collection features lounge chairs for a hotel lounge area, customized bar stools for hotels or restaurant bars, stylish dining tables for restaurants, reception chairs, counters, bedroom furniture for hotel suites.

Tognini supplies bespoke Italian furniture to offices and commercial spaces. Pieces like office chairs, tables, office desks, and office file cabinets are offered by Tognini office furniture.

Tognini Arredamenti’s exquisite luxury furniture also includes handcrafted and quality furniture manufactured with detailed Italian techniques spanning different generations. Luxury materials like velvets, gold, brass, mohairs, faux-fur often adorn our furniture to give them a touch of luxury. 

Consult Tognini today to get a limitless supply of Italian bespoke furniture.

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