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Interior Fit-Out in the Italian Style


Are you contemplating the perfect interior fit-out for a home, hotel, or office space? The art of interior design becomes clueless without a style. Style defines skill, tradition, culture, and expertise.

There are many styles in interior design but Italian style stands out; ornate features, glossy furnishings, quality furnishings, elegance, and luxury are some of the major characteristics that have endeared it to many interior designers and consumers alike.

Here is a complete guide to the major features of Italian style in interior design:

Perfect blend of old and new

A harmonious mix of modern elements and old rustic elegance is a common feature in Italian design. While the modern aspect presents the advancement of technology the old preserves the rich culture and past excellence of Italian art and design. It is common to find antique furniture with vintage effects complementing modern wall coverings and ceilings.

Good use of space

Another main feature of Italian interior design is open space. Italians prefer open and spacious homes. To achieve the Italian style in your interior design you have to create more space by limiting interior fit-outs like wall partitioning.

Italian furniture

For furniture design, Italians favor natural wood-like Lacquered oak or pine for interior furnishings. Giving the living room a touch of antique furniture is a common staple of the Italian style. Italian furniture designs absorb elements like luxurious upholstery, a combination of marble and wood, rich ornaments decoration to create a luxurious feel.

Wall interiors

Instead of simple wallpapers, Italians make good use of wall decorations that depicts the rich Italian art and design like magnificent Venetian plaster, mosaics, and wall paintings. Boiserie wall coverings with wooden panels finishing add a sophisticated ambiance.


Fretwork plays a significant role in creating an aesthetic reflective of the Italian style. Fretwork is commonly used on ceilings and walls to lay emphasis on style and create an aesthetic view of the ceiling. To create an Italian feel, fretworks often take their place around crystal-studded chandelier mount.  Decorative elements like curbs, rosettes, cornices, and friezes complement a stucco ceiling decoration.


Choice of color plays a significant role in Italian-style interior. Italian style places colors with light warm tones at the top in the order of preference. However, a little splash of bright colors can be found. For example, Prominent warm colors like beige, cream, or ivory can be supplemented with blue, olive, terracotta, and lavender accents. This harmonious blend creates an atmosphere of comfort and exuberance.


The stonework is a major feature of Italian design. Terracotta tiles, luxurious marble, granite, onyx quartz porcelain, limestone are put into good use through sophisticated masonry. Stoneworks are used for wall decoration, floors, fireplace, chimney, even bathrooms, kitchen bars are often fitted with marble accents, and terracotta tiles grace floor designs. 

If you want to give your apartment an Italian-style look, consult an Italian interior solutions provider like Tognini Arredamenti to give you the perfect Italian fit-out service and turnkey interior solutions from start to finish.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

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