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How to Renovate a Restaurant: 6 Ideas for All Budgets


People pop into restaurants to take a break from everyday life. An opportunity to indulge, meet friends and let someone else take care of the details of the meal and welcome. For this reason a restaurant cannot become obsolete or dilapidated but express character and personality, knowing how to keep up with the times and with the needs of the public.

With Tognini Arredamenti it is possible to obtain the renovation of turnkey interiors and not having to think about anything other than inspiration. The interior designers will take care of recreating an innovative and avant-garde environment, with custom-made furnishings and handmade by skilled craftsmen of the trade and the particularities of each raw material. We at Tognini Arredamenti have collected some interesting ideas for you to renovate your restaurant and make it in step with the times and attractive for future customers, also thinking about different budgets and types that can adapt to all restaurateurs.

6 ideas for restaurant renovation

1. Open kitchen

The open kitchen, to begin with, is a trend that’s more alive than ever. Some define it as a real philosophy, which sees customers eager to be involved and participate in the preparation of the dishes they are about to taste and this idea underlines how the pleasure of going to a restaurant does not end with the taste of the dishes but includes a wider experience, in which the surrounding environment is more important than ever. Furthermore, this idea is suitable for even small budgets and is affordable for all budgets due to the simplicity of implementation.

2. The facade that invites you to enter

The appearance of your restaurant from the outside says it all and is of fundamental importance because it invites customers to enter. The outside of the restaurant is the first thing people see when they approach, and the first impression can have a lasting impact on how people perceive service and even food. Color can have a huge impact on the way people see and experience things, which is why choosing the right color for the exterior is so important. The exterior must match the character and identity of the restaurant, to remain impressed and recognizable. Painting the external facade or decorating in an innovative way is a low-cost but high-impact solution.

3. Attention to detail

Gli interior designer di Tognini Arredamenti lo sanno bene che tutto sta nei dettagli. La capacità dei veri professionisti italiani del design di interni sta nel coniugare estetica e funzionalità in un insieme armonico. La seduta deve avere forme ben rifinite ed essere comoda, per passare dall’antipasto al dolce senza accorgersi del passare del tempo. I tavoli dovranno adeguarsi allo spazio garantendo la corretta distanza tra i diversi gruppi di clienti ma anche la possibilità di essere uniti velocemente e creare tavoli più ampi. Infine, valorizzare la luce naturale che arriva dalle finestre durante il giorno, e creare un’illuminazione soffusa e piacevole per la sera, non può che essere un valore aggiunto.

4. Craving for color

After years of minimalism, the desire for color has finally returned to make itself felt among the trends for restaurant furniture. Choosing particular shades and playing with original combinations can therefore prove to be a winning card to give a greater connotation to the identity of the restaurant, as long as a harmonious and balanced color palette is defined. We will thus have a pleasant and captivating environment, which will also entice customers to take photos to share with friends on their social channels: an aspect that should not be underestimated for the furnishing of a modern restaurant.

5. Renovate your bathroom

The restaurant is made up of many little things that lead customers to choose you whenever they feel like it. Although it is very important to give importance to the most exposed parts of the restaurant, we must not neglect the bathroom, which will be used by almost all customers who enter the restaurant. For this reason it must be renewed especially if it is poorly lit and obsolete.

6. Choose a style

When it comes to restaurants, it is important to be able to stand out and have your own personal style with character. It is very easy to follow the trends but the important thing is also to follow the trends without losing character and personality. A restaurant is made up of people who have stories to tell, a passion for cooking and hospitality. For this reason it is important to choose expert and trusted interior architects who will be able to indulge these passions, like us at Tognini Arredamenti.

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