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How to light up a bar counter


The counter can be considered the core of a bar. It is around it that the soul of the place comes to life. Due to its importance, it is essential to choose the most suitable lighting to ensure the right emphasis based on the environment you want to create. Hanging chandeliers, LED lights or spotlights, are all solutions to consider when deciding to open or renovate a bar. Choosing the right light for the type of service offered is therefore a detail that should not be overlooked.


The bars are not all the same, for the type of service they offer, for the environment and for the type of clientele they have. This is why it is important to choose the right lighting for the counter of your business. There are two main characteristics of the light to choose: warm or cold?

Warm and full lights are recommended for day rooms and bistros, which must transmit warmth, energy and positivity to their customers. A softer version, on the other hand, is suitable for lounge bars that need more relaxing lighting that gives a refined and elegant touch to the environment.

The cold white lights are well suited to those bars that offer fast service and need to have a frequent customer turnover. While colored lights that create chromatic games are perfect for youthful and trendy nightclubs.


Once you have chosen the type of light suitable for the room, you need to choose the tools to have a bright and captivating bar counter. The solutions are different: adjustable spotlights, which allow you to illuminate individual areas of the counter according to your needs; elegant and trendy drop lamps are useful for very high ceilings; or the LED light strips that placed in the shelves and in the recesses of the counter give a modern touch to the room.

Whatever choice you make, it is good to study the design of the counter based on the chosen lighting, and Tognini Arredamenti can help you in this: for almost 40 years it has been designing and furnishing commercial premises of all kinds with professionalism.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

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