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How to furnish the kitchen: the 2022 guide


Having clear ideas on how to furnish the kitchen is not easy. The kitchen is for many the most important part of a home, the most lived in and at the center of multiple functions. Choosing the right model, consistent with the furniture style adopted and which makes the most of the available space, requires careful planning.

When it comes to buying a custom-made kitchen, you need to rely on a furniture consultant, but starting with a basic idea will help you in the composition phase.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking of buying a kitchen: from the choice of model to the smallest details.

Furnishing the kitchen: the choice of style and model

The first step is related to style and model.

When thinking about furnishing a new kitchen, having a clear idea of the style to be adopted is a useful element, it guides the choice of one model over another.

Moving towards a modern kitchen allows you to adopt a contemporary style, such as industrial or Nordic, while a classic kitchen allows you to enhance a more country and traditional style.

What is the environment intended for your kitchen? How much square footage will your kitchen occupy? How are the connections arranged? How is the room designed? All questions to be answered when choosing a linear kitchen, with peninsula or corner with island.


The configurations can be different but the key word is optimization: think of your kitchen, in the form and manner, according to your habits and the space available.

Choose the kitchen top: the worktop

Another key part in the composition and purchase phase of a new kitchen is the choice of the top.

In doing so, we orient ourselves, together with the furniture consultant in the design phase, on three axes: type, habits, price.

The types of tops can be different and are divided, from the point of view of materials, into two macro categories: laminate tops, 4 or 6 cm high, and quartz tops, 2 or 4 cm high.

Once this first selection has been made, it is then possible to choose the desired worktop from:

  • curved, which has a rounded corner made up of a postformed panel of wood particles, with a thickness of 40 or 60 mm and a depth of 60 or 120 mm;
  • framework, which has a squared corner with a laminated panel of wood particles, with a thickness of 20 or 60 mm and a depth of 60 or 120 mm;
  • quartz, which has a panel composed of approximately 95% quartz and 5% resin, which increases its natural impermeability. The thickness can be chosen between 20 or 40 mm and a depth between 60 and 120 mm.

Obviously there is no shortage of patterns and textures for the surface: a detail not to be overlooked and to be combined with the color chosen for the modules.

Modules and customization: colors, mechanisms and handles

The coolest part in the design phase? Customize!

The choice of color varies by model but here too there is no shortage of possibilities: always keep in mind the type of environment you want to build, both for the kitchen and for the whole house. For example, in the case of an open kitchen, to be inserted in an open space, the choice of color could go hand in hand with that of the other furniture and accessories in the same environment.

The mechanisms and hardware for opening and closing can be varied and determine part of the final price of your kitchen.

Furnishing the kitchen

Here, too, a furniture consultant will be able to guide you according to your needs: hinged, folding, bottom hinged, drawers and pull-out baskets. There is no shortage of options among doors, cabinets, drawers.

Another important element? The handles! They vary according to the model, from classic ergonomic or knob, to those with groove (in the models that make it their characteristic). Shape, type and style: the choice is yours.

Furnishing kitchen guide

Which sink to choose in the kitchen

Even the choice of the sink in the kitchen is not to be underestimated. Sink and mixer are an important aspect in the design of a kitchen, both for hygiene and for design.

It is in fact that extra detail that does not fail to be noticed: also in this case a lot will depend on your needs and also on the kitchen model chosen.

If you are oriented towards a small kitchen, it is better to insert a sink with a bowl (in order to use more space as a work surface), if you have a large kitchen opt for a double bowl or double bowl with countertop. Even the presence or absence of a dishwasher, and its frequency of use, can be useful to understand how much you will actually use a two-bowl sink.

The mixer can be of various types: what changes is the design, with more classic or modern shapes, and the type (if for example opting for a shower model with high spout and high spout).

Appliances in the kitchen: what must not be missing

The appliances cannot be missing. Here, too, the choices of personalization and typology are not lacking and, once again, your habits dictate the rules.

What must never be missing in a kitchen? The hob, with a choice of 4 or 5 burners: it can be gas or electric, via induction cookers. The first type is more classic and suitable for those who love sautéing with fires, the second is more modern, easy to clean and allows you to save on consumption (not relying on the gas bill).

The fires are then accompanied by the choice of the most suitable hood for extracting fumes and odors: even its choice represents an important step, between traditional shapes and more modern designs.


Then there is the oven, of various sizes and powers, to be positioned at the bottom (perhaps under the hob) or higher when composing. For those who do not like to waste time in the kitchen, they can add a microwave oven, which can also be built into the composition.

The refrigerator, of different sizes: here the choice is between those built-in, hidden by one or two panels inside the kitchen, or free-standing, which remain visible and can be removed or moved more easily.

Is doing the dishes a nightmare? Then consider some extra space for a built-in dishwasher: small, ideal for two people, or large, great for a family.

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