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How to furnish the bedroom: the complete guide


How to furnish the bedroom? Listening to your children: there is no better way. The bedroom is the first personal space in life, the place where one’s identity as an individual begins to take shape. For children first, and then for adolescents, it represents an entire universe.

In this article we will see together how to structure it so that it is the ideal environment for play, study and growth. A functional space, easy to customize and versatile.

How to choose the color: walls and furniture

Modern children’s bedrooms offer an infinite range of colors. How to choose the ideal one? Our advice is to involve the children and start with their favorite color. However, since tastes change rapidly during growth, it would be better to orient the choice towards more neutral shades, which can accompany them for a long time.

The most important element to take into consideration is the chromatic harmony between the color of the walls, furniture and accessories. For this reason it will be necessary to start from what is available before tackling the choices inherent in colors and shades.

For example, if we are going to furnish an environment that is not expected to be repainted, it will be necessary to adapt our choice of furniture to the color of the walls. The same thing will happen with the furnishing accessories that you do not want to replace.

If, on the other hand, you are starting from scratch, the advice is to collect inspirational material on channels such as Pinterest or Instagram. By studying and defining your own “mood board”, we will be much more confident of being able to pursue a style with consistency.

In the following paragraphs we will see the secrets for furnishing a bedroom for boys and girls, as well as for arranging the furniture in the best possible way. If the project involves creating two small rooms from one bedroom, we recommend that you read our in-depth article.

As a child, girl

The bedroom accompanies us in the transition from childhood to adolescence. For this reason, when designing it, present and future needs must be taken into account:

  • A free portion of the floor on which to place a carpet to play seated on the floor
  • A fairly spacious wardrobe and a possible section for the change of season
  • An extra pull-out bed for the first sleepover with friends
  • A space to devote to study

Bridge bedrooms with pull-out beds are therefore welcome, as are bunk bedrooms with a desk corner.

As for the colors, there is plenty of choice. From mauve to beige, from creamy white to dove gray, up to antique pink or green. Do you want to know more about bridge bedrooms?

As a child, boy

A child’s room is the story of his passions and favorite activities. For this reason, the advice is to choose a model that leaves great room for customization, a modular bedroom to adapt to your needs. The most modern and linear bedroom models can be enriched with posters and linens dedicated to cartoons or favorite idols.

By playing a lot on accessories and complements, we will be able to transform it more easily over time. So here are our tips for the ideal child’s bedroom:

  • Linear shapes, to be customized with accessories
  • Versatile furniture, which can be arranged differently over time
  • Cold and relaxing colors, which combine rest: blue, green, light gray
  • An additional bed for friends and little cousins

How to arrange the bedroom

What influences us in orienting the furniture in the best possible way is certainly the light that enters from the window. If we design a bedroom with a desk, it must be taken into account that the latter must be perpendicular and close to the window (to be clear, it is not recommended to have the light source in front or behind).

As for the door, it would be better if it was not positioned behind the bed. Having an eye on the door generates a greater sense of security in children who get used to sleeping alone or are afraid of the dark. Another tip is to avoid having the heater too close to the head of the bed.

For the rest, there are no strict rules to follow: just remember to always provide a free portion of the floor to be used for play.

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