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How to Furnish a Post Coronavirus Bar: Tips


The invisible enemy, Covid-19 or Coronavirus, has forced us to change our habits, to find new working solutions and even to reorganize the dining areas. Contacts are limited and every appointment and meeting, whether for a meeting or a greeting between friends, can now only take place in compliance with the rules of social distancing. So how can you furnish a post Coronavirus bar to make every customer feel at home and above all in a clean, sanitized and safe environment?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Place a table at the entrance to store the hand sanitizing gel or, if you prefer, a sanitizing dispenser column;
  • The tables must be spaced according to the provisions of the anticovid regulations;
  • Arrange the spaces outside so as to recover covered and at the same time offer customers the opportunity to admire the view, especially in the case of terraces overlooking the lake or overlooking the sea;
  • Choose vintage-style furniture if you want to express the concept of an environment that respects traditions, a place where you can even find some specialties prepared as it once was.


With the restart and the so-called phase 2, we all had to deal with the new rules to be respected, from the obligation of the mask in closed places to the sanitation of the hands when entering a shop, in a bar, in a restaurant. Therefore, every shopkeeper, restaurant manager or restaurateur has now more than ever had to restructure the spaces of their business by providing sanitizing gel columns for the hands at the entrance or near the toilets or tables on which the sanitizing devices can be placed.

According to good rules, in fact, every customer who enters the shop, club, bar or restaurant must first sanitize their hands, thus removing the accumulation of dirt and bacterial load, vehicles of infections. Just apply a small dose, massage one hand against the other, distributing the gel from the back to the wrist, between the fingers and the interdigital spaces in order to thoroughly sanitize.


With the tables spaced apart, each customer can eat in total safety, away from any contact with other subjects. Before letting the customer sit at his table (it is advisable to book it to avoid having to wait a long time for his turn), the restaurateur or manager of the restaurant must measure the temperature and make sure that it is below 37.5 °. At this point, the customer can select their dishes via the digital menu and relax.

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