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How to Furnish a Pharmacy with a Functional Environment


In this article we want to give you some suggestions on how to furnish a pharmacy to create a functional environment regardless of size. Let us remember, first of all, that

  • the pharmacy must be practical both for those who work there and for the customers, that is, it must have the right space to be able to move between the various shelves without difficulty or obstacles;
  • space must be optimized, especially in the case of small pharmacies, thus choosing self-supporting furniture such as glass or wooden shelves that give harmony and originality to the environment while making it functional;
  • the utmost attention must be paid to details such as the shopping areas, the displays and the arrangement of the shelves.

In terms of color, the walls are generally white, but you can opt for some yellow or light brown nuances that can recall faded wood.

Let’s now move on to tips on how and where to place the essential furniture for a pharmacy: the shelves, the counter and the displays.

The shelves have been exchanged to display medicines, cosmetics and much more. Therefore, it must be well organized so that pharmacists and customers can easily find the product they are looking for.

The cash counter must be equally organized and positioned between the exhibitors and the end of the pharmacy in order to attract the attention of customers to some products that you want to promote with special discounts and facilitate the purchase process.

Finally, the exhibitors, which can have shelves of adjustable height, signs located in the upper part (so as to orient customers with indications) or graphics with an effect, especially for herbal or natural items.

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