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How to divide a large room into two small rooms


When you have a spacious room and two children, dividing a large room into two small rooms can be useful. During their growth, in fact, children have a greater desire to cultivate their own spaces.

Very often, however, this subdivision of the rooms cannot be clear-cut. The reasons are many: perhaps you do not have the possibility to carry out masonry or plasterboard work because you are renting, you have only one window or you simply do not want a permanent solution.

In the following paragraphs we see a series of ways that allow you to divide a large room into two small rooms, without resorting to structural work at home.

How to divide a room with only one window

When you have only one window and you don’t want to change the frame or upset the structure of the house, you need to adopt more flexible solutions to divide a bedroom.

As we will see below, there are very nice, functional and economical options:

  • Screen or divider: this solution is certainly the mildest, but also the most versatile, as it can be removed in a few gestures.
  • Bookcases: this is a very airy and aesthetically pleasing mode, which can also be used in other spaces in the house (such as the living room).
  • Wardrobe and wardrobes: if the room is particularly large, you can think of using two wardrobes (one leaning against the back of the other) to separate the rooms.
  • Curtains: a curtain can perform the same function as the divider, and can be moved if necessary. A practical and economical solution.
  • Sliding doors: the sliding doors are simple to assemble and allow a division of spaces that guarantees a lot of privacy.

These tools, however, are not the only ones we have at our disposal to divide the rooms and create a cozy bedroom, giving everyone their own space.

In the next paragraphs we will see how to use modular furniture and customize them according to your needs.

Organize two bedrooms with furnishings

Le camerette componibili prevedono un livello di personalizzazione talmente avanzato da poter essere definite quasi camerette su misura.

The furniture allows us to create separate niches, even within the same room. A practical example could be that of two bridge beds resting one behind the other. The result will be the creation of two separate environments, as well as a great saving in terms of space.

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