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How to choose a right sofa


Choosing the sofa: one of the key moments when furnishing a home. We could define the sofa as the king of the living area: it is one of the most used furnishings in everyday life, the seat of excellence for relaxation.

In this guide, let’s see what to pay attention to when choosing a sofa: we will analyze all the elements to take into consideration and the mistakes not to make.

New sofa: which features to evaluate?

When you have to choose a new sofa, you shouldn’t take anything for granted. From the number of seats to the color, up to the shape (angular or with peninsula) and the type of coating. In short, many elements to evaluate (also based on the destination environment and the space available).

Для этого мы вместе увидим контрольный список функций, которые следует учитывать:

  • Price, from currencies according to the budget available
  • Style: modern, retro, minimal, shabby chic, industrial, natural
  • Color: to be chosen according to the style of the environment to be created
  • Measurements and dimensions: width, length and height
  • Number of seats: two or three seats, three seats with corner peninsula …
  • Simple sofa or sofa bed: with book opening, net or pull-out module
  • Angular or linear: depending on the style and number of seats desired
  • Coating: to be evaluated based on preferences and ease of cleaning
  • Padding: puffy and soft or more sustained and geometric
  • Comfort: the most personal parameter, to be evaluated firsthand

In the following paragraphs we deepen all the points listed above, in order to move better in the vast choice that the world of sofas makes available.


The price of a sofa is the first element to evaluate, it guides the choice and selection of the model closest to the initial idea.


The color of the sofa plays a key role in furnishing the living area. You can decide to decline it in several ways, always starting from the color of the walls and furnishings already present:

  • In contrast
  • Tone on tone

The sofa, in fact, can be an element that breaks with the shades of the walls and furniture, drawing attention to itself.

This choice is ideal when you have a lot of space and are not afraid of filling the room too much, creating a feeling of clutter. A useful tip is to be very careful when combining warm and cool colors together – they don’t always look good together.

The tone sur tone sofa is in continuity with the surrounding context. Although the shade remains the same, however, you can play on the texture of the fabric or on a possible pattern.


The style of the sofa determines the look and feel of the entire living area.

Precisely for this reason, it is essential to define a moodboard before proceeding with the choice: just like interior designers do, we will have to collect inspirational images that guide us in the choice of furnishings, in order to make consistent stylistic and chromatic choices.

Although our tastes are clear and defined, it is not every day that we choose new furniture. Precisely for this reason, we will have to work on finding our own style, personal and coherent. The advantage of a research of this type also lies in the possibility of going out of our comfort zone and evaluating new possibilities, new ideas.

An example? Inside an open space, corner sofas can be used to separate the areas of the same environment.

Dimensions and overall dimensions

Very often, when measuring for a sofa, we tend to evaluate only the length.

This can be a big mistake: in fact, in addition to linear measurements, we will have to evaluate the overall dimensions – also perceptive – of a piece of furniture.

To this end, depth and height play a key role. A sofa with a reclining headrest, for example, can have a much larger footprint than a drop-down sofa, even if it is the same length.

Number of seats

The number of seats and seats also turns out to be a key element in choosing a sofa.

Often, the focus is solely on the number of family members. If you have enough space, however, we suggest that you also take into consideration the events and social habits of those who live in the house.

For example, if you frequently host friends or relatives, we suggest you consider a couple of extra seats (and maybe a sofa bed, as we will see shortly). If you don’t have room for a large sofa or pair of sofas, it might be worth considering two additional armchairs.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

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