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How to Choose the Furniture for the Reception of a Hotel


The reception is the “business card” of a hotel, the area that at a glance allows the customer to understand what the style of the structure is. How then to choose the furniture for the reception of a hotel so that it is a pleasant place of passage and waiting for anyone who stays there? We give you some small suggestions.

First, you absolutely must not neglect cleaning. Then opt for a floor that is easy to sweep and wash, in order to easily remove the dirt that can accumulate with the continuous passage of people. Remember, then, that the reception must express the style of the hotel, a trait of the personality of those who manage it. Therefore you must pay maximum attention in the choice of each piece of furniture. The first step is to invest in a high quality, modern and large counter; uses soft lighting with suspended lamps or floor lights and eliminates any element that could visually give the idea of an area that is too small; furnishes the reception with sofas and comfortable chairs where customers who arrive or those who have to wait for their check-out turn can stop in total comfort; if you want to give a modern touch, add some paintings by the author, while if the location is located in nature, choose photographs of the landscape.

The reception can also be a tourist attraction area. Therefore, reserve a small corner for postcards and souvenirs. Never forget to be welcoming to guests: offer candies, chocolates, tastings of local products or small gifts.

And if you want to stand out, organize welcome events for your customers or make them participate in hotel life by reserving a space where they can leave photos or messages of thanks (They will also help you improve the service!)


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