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How to choose a comfortable sofa


The best way to choose a comfortable sofa is to objectively evaluate your needs and those of the whole family.

Another aspect to be treated with extreme realism is that relating to spaces: a sofa that is too large for the room, however comfortable, risks being a hindrance.

Furthermore, if you have the possibility, we advise you to try it directly at the point of sale (and if you want to think about it you can buy online, without having to go back to the store). Comfort is a very subjective element: testing the seats and padding of the chosen model is the best choice.

Sofa bed: yes or no?

The sofa bed, you know, can always come in handy. Furthermore, a sofa bed does not necessarily have to be large in order to accommodate one or two people: the folding sofa beds, in fact, offer the space of a square and a half in very little space.

If, on the other hand, it is usual to accommodate two or more people, the advice is to choose a corner sofa bed, which, thanks to the pull-out module, can be transformed into a double or king size bed.

Another convenient aspect of corner sofa beds is the possibility of enjoying a storage compartment inside which to store blankets and pillows for guests.

Angular or linear normal

Choosing between a corner or linear sofa somehow means choosing between the possibility of having a chaise longue or not.

For the most part, this choice is dictated by space requirements: linear sofas, usually with two or three seats, tend to be smaller in size. However, it should be noted that the corner sofa is by far the most “compact” solution to accommodate a greater number of seats.

Alternatively, it is also possible to opt for a three-seater sofa with a peninsula (a sort of hybrid between these two types).


When it comes to the types of upholstery, is there a first choice to make: leather and similar or fabric?

Sofas in leather and similar are very delicate in some respects: those who have cats, for example, should pay particular attention to the possibility that they scratch or even pierce the cover. However, leather and similar materials are more resistant to stains, as the fabric absorbs substances in less time.

The leather also has variations for those who want a cruelty free and animal-friendly option, such as imitation leather. This coating is particularly resistant and cheaper than leather, therefore very beneficial and long lasting. A valid alternative is the nubuck effect, which is resistant and easier to clean.

The fabric upholstery offers particular comfort on a tactile and sensorial level: warm and welcoming in winter, it is also pleasant in summer. The skin and its variants, on the other hand, could encourage sweating in the hottest months (especially in environments without air conditioning).


The type of filling to choose depends a lot on your tastes. If you prefer a slightly stiff and supported sofa, we will choose a model with linear seams and thin padding.

In the alternative case, we will choose a model with more abundant padding and topstitching that emphasize the softness of the shapes.

Mistakes to avoid

Now let’s try to list some of the main mistakes to avoid.

We have already mentioned some of them in the course of the article, but repetitions in some cases can only help. Below, our tips for choosing the best sofa for you:

  • Define a budget and try not to exceed it.
  • When measuring a sofa space, don’t forget depth and height. Especially if there are windows.
  • Remember to research and collect inspirational images before choosing your sofa.
  • Pay close attention if you decide to combine a sofa in cold colors with a room with warm tones, and vice versa.
  • Be realistic about your needs: how many are you at home? Do you often invite guests? Do you have pets?
  • Choose a cover that reflects your needs: remember that leather sofas or similar are not the best if you suffer a lot from the heat or if you have a cat.

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