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Home Furnishings Made In Italy


Home furnishings are the perfect way to give your home a comfortable and welcome feel. They make the home feel refreshed and cozy. They come in different forms, from cushions to rugs to curtains.

They often incorporate soft materials creating comfortable appeal. Home furnishings complement furniture and fittings. They make them with materials like fabric, foam rubber, faux-fur, velvet, silk, etc.

Types of home furnishings made in Italy

Major types of home furnishings made in Italy include curtains, cushions, bedding and mattresses, wall hangings and tapestries, rugs, chair coverings, sofas, beanbags, carpets, doormats, window coverings, etc.

The soft materials characteristic of most home furnishings contributes to the energy efficiency of a home. They can retain heat. They keep the home warm. Home furnishings made with soft materials also have the potential to absorb sound waves. This means you’ll have fewer echoes in a home. 

How to Use Home Furnishings


Curtains are distinct from mere decorative shades. Whereas curtains are translucent, decorative shades are made of thick, colored material. Curtains play a significant role in the interior decor of the home. Cream or light-colored curtains will light up a room compared to black curtains.


Cushions usually contain foams. They are warmer and lighter if the filling contents are lighter. Some sofa cushions contain fleece filling instead of foams. Other types of cushions are floor cushions and beanbags. Beanbags provide alternative comfortable seating. Wedge cushions, commonly called supportive cushions, help support upright sitting. Cushions like pillows have health advantages because they enable sound sleep.


Materials for quality bedding solutions include textiles like cotton, beaver, and satin. These materials work well for the skin. They create a cushion effect on the skin, and you can easily manage them.


Rugs are a great favorite. They are one of the earliest known forms of cushioning for the floor. Rugs create a pleasant feel on the soles of the feet while walking in the home. Therefore, it is common to find rugs in bedrooms and living rooms.

To make the best use of rugs, choose rugs with colors that blend with the color shade of the room. For example, a light to mild color carpet works well with a dark floor. Likewise, short rugs are more appealing in a room compared to large rugs.

Wall hangings and tapestries

Wall hangings and tapestries originate from ancient Persia. Persians used them for decorative purposes. You can make good use of wall hangings and tapestries by opting for tapestries with colors and sizes that suit your living space.

Tapestries are more like a carpet hung on a wall, but with an added difference. Unlike carpets, they are made with much finer material and are less stressful.

Sofas and armchairs 

Opt for sofas with cushion effects such as foams, upholstery wadding, and fleece. Comfortable sofas often feature a raised back or a folding headrest.      

If you need some home furnishings made in Italy, consult Tognini Arredamenti. Tognini provides top-notch home furnishings designed and made in Italy.

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