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Furniture trends 2022: the main interior design trends


In the interior design sector, the key word for 2022 is eco-sustainability. In addition to a careful choice of materials, it will also be essential to make the best use of the available space, make targeted purchases and convey a sense of nature also on the aesthetic side. Let’s find out together what will be the main furniture trends for 2022, on a journey through colors, shapes, materials and styles!

We are sure of one thing: in 2022 we will not have to be afraid to dare! In a mix of colors, patterns, materials and decorative styles, each home will become even more unique and special. Nature will have a special place, which will find the right place in every room: from the bedroom textiles, in colors that recall the earth, to the green plants in the living room, capable of instilling serenity and peace. But let’s get to the heart of the question: what are the trendiest styles of furniture this year?

  • Minimalism. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is certainly about eliminating the superfluous and transforming our homes into small oases of peace. It is therefore not surprising that among the furnishing trends of 2022, minimalism in a Zen key stands out, characterized by light woods, oriental prints, neutral colors and green plants.
  • Marine style. Declined in its most current variant, also known as global coastal, this style immediately brings a holiday air to any environment. It recalls the atmosphere of slow summer days and the simplicity of fishing villages: white reigns undisputed, in various shades, embellished with rattan details and decorations in various shades of blue.
  • Mix & match. In 2022 the idea of combining apparently opposite and incompatible styles will be completely cleared. We see looks such as rustic vogue blossom, in which family furniture is combined with modern furnishings, and vintage glamor, where period elements are combined with ultra-modern and extravagant materials.
  • Boho chic. Now a great trend for several years, the boho style is dressed in new bright and bright colors. On a neutral base, red and yellow textiles, wall prints in pastel colors and creative patterns of ethnic influence stand out. The result is a mixture of elements typical of the bohemian style.

Interior design enthusiasts will have noticed: in recent years furnishings with rounded, soft and sinuous shapes have returned to great fashion. Typical of slightly retro styles, they find the right space even in modern and contemporary settings. For 2022, the rounded design will influence a little bit everything: from sofas to rugs, from coffee tables to wall mirrors.

But it doesn’t stop there! After 2020, many have had to reinvent the spaces at home, creating corners dedicated to work from home, the gym and relaxation. Hence, space-saving furniture flourishes, ready to transform when needed: a coffee table opens and becomes a desk, a sofa becomes a comfortable bed for watching a movie, and so on.


Not only the shapes, but also the textiles soften. In 2022 velvet is back in fashion, capable of making any environment elegant: it will find its perfect place in the living room, combined with leather, cotton and silk. Although it may seem a material with an old-fashioned look, it adapts very well to environments in a minimal or Scandinavian style, especially in lighter colors. For an eccentric touch, we recommend decorative fuchsia velvet cushions, perhaps to be placed on a dark blue sofa.

But it won’t be all about velvet! As we said at the beginning of our article, sustainability will play a very important role throughout 2022. Most of the materials with which we will dress our homes will be eco-compatible, such as wood, glass, jute and rattan. Green light also to recycled raw materials, ecological paints, recycled furniture.

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