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Furniture and Smart Working: Working from Home in Comfort

Smart working is revolutionizing the traditional concept of work, redefining habits that had remained almost the same for centuries. Working from home today is becoming more and more a custom, so if your home becomes in effect a workplace, the furniture must also be adapted.

With this in-depth study, we show you the best solutions to transform a corner of your home into an office, where you can optimize space and work comfortably.


Thinking about an office, the first thing that comes to mind is the desk, the place where all the activities take place. The initial choice to create your furniture for smart working therefore falls on the table and seat: your workstation must be comfortable and put you at ease both physically and mentally, reducing stress and improving posture.

Opt for a large desk if the space available allows it, so you can store all your equipment, from the computer to the mouse, from the printer to the scanner, from documents to other accessories. Make sure you choose an ergonomic chair that doesn’t hurt your back (always remember to take ten-minute breaks every hour).

A useful trick to separate home and office is to use a drop-down shelf that will allow you to close the work area: a practical way to disconnect and relax.


Now you can take care of the space around your workstation: try to have everything close and at hand, such as a bookcase or shelves that you can easily reach without having to get up. If the room is not very large, there are many space-saving furnishings that can be for you.

A very important aspect is lighting: take care of it properly so as not to tire your eyes and risk annoying headaches. If you have a window, adjust the natural glow with a curtain and add two light points, one from the ceiling (preferably in warm light) and one to keep on your desk with a lamp to backlight your PC monitor. Remember never to stand in front of or behind the window.

We conclude this guide with a small suggestion to complete your smart working furniture: keep a plant close to it, it could help you increase your well-being.

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