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Furnishing the kitchen: 2 basic styles


The modern style has taken hold more and more in recent years. Choosing a modern kitchen means opting for particular, symmetrical and apparently simple lines. Elegance, however, is hidden in the details, simplicity and colors and materials, which give the kitchen its own charm.

Furnish modern kitchen

The modern kitchen adapts to all homes. It is particularly suitable for those who love an urban style or combine the kitchen with other more modern and contemporary furnishings, especially in the case of an open space between kitchen and living room.

Furnishing a classic kitchen: why choose it

The classic cuisine still retains its charm, thanks to a well-defined and recognizable style. Over time it has been able to renew itself, while not betraying its own identity.

The classic style is still appreciated in the kitchen and fits in with a country decor. The classic kitchen fits well in large environments, where the kitchen has a room of its own, perhaps, it recalls a mood and a precise feeling in the stove. Wood is the master but the color variations are not lacking, as well as the possibilities of customization. Other added value? Our classic kitchens always enjoy Made in Italy certification.

Choosing a classic kitchen will give your environment the certainty of having adopted timeless shapes and styles, capable of retaining a precise and unmistakable identity.

Furnishing kitchen guide

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