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Furnish a Loft with Originality


Lofts are unique and highly appreciated environments, but furnishing such large spaces without divisions between rooms is not easy. It is important to know how to manage the available square meters well and be able to correctly balance the furniture.

So let’s see some simple tips to make the most of all the potential of a loft, transforming it into an original environment.


Before drafting the practical advice, it is useful to briefly explain what a loft is and what its main characteristics are.

The term loft derives from the German luft which, translated, simply means space. The loft does not have any kind of subdivision of the rooms, it is a single large room where all the necessary furnishing accessories are then inserted. This is the main feature, the one that everyone thinks about as soon as they hear the word loft.

Originally, the loft was designed by recovering spaces from industrial sheds or department stores, which were in complete disuse. Once their intended use was lost, these environments were transformed into homes which were subsequently proposed to the real estate market.

Another peculiarity, then, is the versatility of this type of home: this greatly influences the style of furniture. Not having spaces outlined by walls, after all, at any time it is possible to revolutionize the loft by changing the organization of spaces in rooms. Consequently, all the furniture inside can be moved overnight without having to start a renovation. Since there is no clear division between, for example, the bedroom and the living room, we can reverse the furniture without stealing spaces that, on the other hand, in a classic home are precisely delimited by walls and walls. In a loft, the only constraints are the electrical connections and drains of the kitchen and bathroom.

Inside a loft, we play a lot with heights: no centimeter is wasted and, in fact, in many homes of this type we find mezzanines that help us to expand the floor area.


But how do you decorate a loft? If a few simple tricks are implemented, the wow effect will be immediate and guaranteed.


In the lofts space allows it, so green light for very large sofas accompanied by generous carpets. Creating relaxation corners here is very simple! So, yes to large sofas, perhaps in leather: there are many models on the market.


Huge bookcases located in the living room area are perfect for dividing spaces even without walls: for example, place them near the sofa. Exhibiting collections of volumes of various literary and artistic genres are highly sought-after furnishing accessories.


There is space for a huge table! And so hosting friends for dinner will be a pleasure. Natural wood tables are perfect.


Inside a loft, lighting plays an important role. We recommend warm and relaxing lights in the relaxation area and cold, on the other hand, in the kitchen area.

Are you thinking of buying a loft but first want to get an idea of how much it will cost you to furnish it in the best possible way? Contact us for a quote and our design experts will also be able to give you valuable suggestions.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

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