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Five Ideas on How To Décor Your Penthouse In Art Deco Style


When it comes to features of luxury and opulence penthouse suites embody it all, call it a sky palace and you will not be wrong. Penthouse suites often occupy the highest floors. They come with the best views in the building complemented with exquisite and exclusive amenities like sky-high pools and Jacuzzis, rooftop gardens, and private elevators. Lavish decorative features like velvet upholstery, glass curtain walls, bespoke furniture, and barrel-vaulted ceilings often complete the luxurious and grandeur taste.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who reside in a sky palace or you probably have the intention of buying one someday and can’t think of the best interior design for your penthouse suite, art deco style adds a complementary glamorous taste to penthouse suites. Here are five ideas on how to décor your penthouse in art deco style:

Luxury Bespoke Furniture and Fittings

When considering furniture designs for the interior furnishings of your penthouse suites shop for furniture with art deco features like strong symmetry, bold and bright colors, sharp edges, decorative arts, and geometric forms.

Tognini Arredamenti offers an array of luxury bespoke furniture to help you convert your penthouse suite into a glamorous space that exhibits art deco style to perfection. Five Examples of luxury bespoke furniture with these features at Tognini collection include:


Spice up your living space with Tognini’s collection of art deco armchairs. The armchairs are upholstered in cream-colored velvet material, with sharp polished edge finishing, which gives it an air of simplicity. This perfect combination is sure to give you a sweet harmony of simplicity and class.


Try using art deco sofas upholstered with wool-mohair, stylized floral print, jacquard, or velvet material. This would give your sofas a cushion effect blended with a taste of grandeur. Another suitable choice is a sofa clad in satin with polished wood finishing or crystal embellishments at the edges.

Cocktail table

Cocktail tables are a common staple in penthouse apartment suites, they are usually small-sized but yet prominent and artsy, they take their pride of place in the middle surrounded by sofas. Side tables with features like a Glass top and brass trim are also preferable.


A bespoke bed, with detailed fabrics upholstered in exquisite leather, is a preferred option for grandeur appeal.  

Lounge chairs

Artsy lounge chairs and ottomans upholstered in chic fabric materials are popular choices for creating an art deco feel in a penthouse suite.

Apartment fixtures and interiors


The best way to achieve art deco style is to apply art deco features making use of metal or glossy finishes, geometric patterns, streamlined shapes to create rich texture. Make emphasis on shapes like arches, curves, triangles, pyramids, trapezoids, and rectangles.


Make use of mirror cabinets and see-through glass cabinets where you can display your antiques. The metallic cabinet and door finishes work splendidly. Shop for luminescent tiles, gold, or brass drawer, and make sure to choose bright colors. 


Get luxurious chandeliers with luminescent lighting and warm colors. Make use of barrel-vaulted ceilings or artsy wallpapers to create artistic touch. You can also incorporate a touch of old school by making use of vintage chandeliers to light up the ceiling.


Velvet and Larsen fabric curtains or a mix of bright colors, are good choices for adorning your windows.


Walls dressed in draped curtains or wool mohair with bight and glossy colors create a suitable backdrop for art deco interiors.

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