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Design of bar and pastry shop furnishings


The design of the furnishing of a venue, whether it be a bar, pastry shop or ice cream parlor, begins with the preliminary study of the space available: identifying the areas by thematic areas and identifying the most correct paths for effective and efficient management of the venue. The study of the paths and logistics of a venue is an element that should not be underestimated, since the correct functioning of the venue itself depends on it. In fact, if the path dedicated to the customer interferes and / or hinders that of the staff, it can negatively affect the opinion of the bar itself; as well as the square meters that are dedicated to the different functions, be it kitchen or service spaces.

Over the past ten years, the concept and vision of bar furniture, or setting up an ice cream parlor has changed radically. The place in question is no longer just a passageway for a quick lunch or coffee, but it is a meeting place and conviviality: becoming more and more an extension of the home, like an open-air living room. Precisely because of this new concept of the bar, more and more emerging places require the project to have diversified and delimited areas with different functions, such as a sitting area, with comfortable armchairs and refined design tables where you can spend a couple of hours in company, rather than a corner with high counters for quick consumption. The diversification of the areas of a room is essential to be able to accommodate customers of all ages and with different needs, and also allow you to exploit the square meters in a different way both in terms of function and furnishings and finishes.

The idea of an extension of the stay also moves outside the room, probably the place that is most used but which is often underestimated. The outside is in fact the real nerve center of the restaurant, as well as the business card. It is essential that it is studied and designed and that it reflects the idea and style of the place inside. As for the interior, the exterior must also be carefully designed and as functional as possible, for example raised areas on the platform can be provided that highlight a different type of furniture, such as sofas and armchairs. It is very important and required that the outdoor space can be closed completely or partially if necessary, thus giving the opportunity to take advantage of this space in any season.

Bar furniture: the search for style

The style and appearance of a bar is of fundamental importance, especially nowadays. In the past, the appearance of the bar was not considered an essential element for carrying out the activity: it was enough to have a comfortable front counter to lean on for drinking and a back counter equipped with the bare minimum to work. The furniture therefore consisted of a simple counter, a support surface and some shelves.

Today the owner expects, and expects, that his place will leave the consumer of stucco even before knowing what to order or consume. The customer must be visually attracted and have the desire to return. He therefore takes more and more foot a custom-made furniture, studied and designed in all its spaces and elements: also finding visually convincing solutions to make up for shortcomings or errors. The spaces and dimensions of the counter have also become important: the classic counter or refrigerated counter is no longer enough, today it must be divided into multiple areas and functions such as the ice cream, salty, sweet and aperitif area etc. The longer and more diversified the counter, the more customers will be attracted and will want to return to the venue. Following this line of thought, it emerges that the furniture in a room, bar or pastry shop takes on an important value. Today, furniture is increasingly integrated into the environment and vice versa. Depending on the space available, structures and custom-made furnishings are designed, studied and built, which blend with the central area. In this way the place is alive and active in every corner, creating paths that are not only gastronomic but also visually appealing. The idea that must emerge is that there are no areas left to chance, but that every single element positioned within the room has been chosen and defined together during the design.

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