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Design and furniture for events and temporary spaces


Until recently, most of the temporary stores were created to buffer a last-minute need: for example, to seize the opportunity of unforeseen situations or to exploit spaces that were suddenly free.

The design and furnishing projects for events and temporary spaces were not allocated precise budgets and the events were managed directly by the creative departments of the brands, which interfaced directly with the suppliers.

Now, things are changing. In fact, new scenarios are opening up, in which the budget item relating to this type of activity is progressively growing and sees the allocation of more substantial budgets and much more defined timing. A trend confirmed even in recent months, during the global pandemic: it seems that brands and big retailers prefer to invest in targeted pop-up stores built in the right places, rather than in so-called flagship stores (innovative stores that are created to be highly representative of the brand).

The latter require higher investments but with unpredictable returns. On the contrary, that of temporary installations turns out to be the most effective and tactical formula, also because it is more “social”: the brand that travels around the world and publishes its contents on its virtual channels is paradoxically perceived by users as closer. A reality that transmits values by offering immersive and exhilarating experiences in its spaces.

The new trends in the design and furnishing of events and temporary spaces

One of the first needs that have come to everyone’s attention in recent times, and which is a direct consequence of the spread of the pandemic, is that of distancing.

Shops and temporary shops will have to readjust their layouts. But in addition to the physical “cage” that contains them, the underlying concepts must also be revolutionized: the idea of the static store, intended to attract as many types of customers as possible, must be overcome. In its place, almost personal spaces will increasingly assert themselves, conceived in a just for me perspective, dedicated to highly segmented target users.

In summary, it is easy to think that in the retail world the logic of “space for all” will be undermined in favor of a “space for a few” if not, even, “for everyone”. The goal, in addition to respecting social distancing, will also be to go straight to the heart of each customer, that is, to offer everyone the precise answer to a specific need within a place with well-defined and delimited boundaries.

The other issue that those involved in design and furniture for events and temporary spaces will have to face is the transition from Global to local or Glocal. The idea is to start from an extensive and globally valid strategy to be declined, however, in a different way depending on the location.

An example could be the distribution of a given product or service within the retail outlets of a specific geographical area. Another way to make the customer feel unique and push him into a space where he knows he can find something special and unusual.

Specialists in design and temporary installations will have to take into account another fundamental aspect, namely: what can you see from the outside of the store? Showcases, displays and events will not be exempt from the changes taking place. Even before crossing the threshold, the shop must be able to provide as much information as possible to the passing user, because he will be less enticed to enter a closed environment where so many people have already gathered.

The need to touch objects a little and to do it less often will then have to respond to increasingly interactive displays, able to let people try services, products and experiences in a virtual way, for example by exploiting technologies such as augmented reality.

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