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Bar fit-out by Tognini, Italian interior solutions

Bar interior fit-out: Italian Furniture Contractor. A key choice to the successful bar refurbishment.

When the time comes to refurbish the bar, lots of questions begin to arise in the mind of each bar owner such as what the best ways to arrange the furniture in a bar are, how to balance between aesthetic and efficiency of the space, how to buy a long-lasting furniture, etc.

However, a single and simple solution to this endless series of issues is a right choice of a furniture general contractor. Choosing a furniture general contractor means relying on someone who is able to guide the customer step by step throughout the new adventure, who is willing to listen to any crazy idea and turn it into reality, above all who adopts 360-degree feedback to every aspect of the project thanks to a team of experts made up of designers, technicians and craftsmen

A simple and effective plan of bar refurbishment in just 4 easy steps:

  • After talking to the owner, we can understand his/her point of view and proceed to the study of the personal workflow. We design the spaces with the aesthetic to be an essential base, yet the key idea we keep in mind while elaborating a design concept of a bar interior is its functionality.
  • After the approval of a design project of a bar or a restaurant, a client receives a complete easy-to-read quotation with personalized payment methods.
  • No doubts, the third step is the most emotional one. Our creative department takes care of the aesthetic side of the project and starts producing the samples of the interior materials to show to our customer, while our technical department schedules installation of the hydroelectric plants and facilities of the place. Then our craftsmen proceed to the production of the furniture and fittings. Productive synergy between our departments which work together on each single project is the result of more than 40 years of hard work as a turnkey interior contractor and a producer of luxury bespoke furniture for public and private spaces.
  • Last, it comes installation of the furniture and fittings by our highly-experienced team of fitters. The bar interior is finally taking it physical form right in front of the customer’s eyes.

Your Trust is Our Heart

At the end of the day, the greatest recognition that we can ever obtain from an owner of a bar or a restaurant is the trust which motivates us every day during 42 years of hard and exciting work to bring the best-in-class service to our clients. This important support is the fuel of our business which fills up each project with care and passion to accomplish state of the art design project in each particular case.


Are you an architect or an interior designer?

“We put our experience gained through 42 years as a private and public interior fit-out contractor working all over the world at your service. Whatever style or technical difficulty of your project is, we are always ready to help you in its execution on the top level.”

Francesca & Carlo

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