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Contract furniture: roles, sectors and opportunities


We are therefore talking about “tailor-made” solutions which, as such, allow ample margins for customization. At the same time, they presuppose wide-ranging skills and professionalism, especially on the part of the project representative, who must work closely with the client and the project manager and have the ability to listen, experience and sensitivity such as to be able to faithfully build the space as he had thought it. And, of course, provide all the necessary advice in the design phase.

Let’s see in detail how a Contract furniture company works, what are the areas most affected by this type of “tailor-made” solutions and what are the real opportunities that the sector reserves for companies in our country.

Contract furniture: which sectors are involved?

Consultancy dedicated to bespoke projects and Contract furniture are increasingly requested in numerous professional sectors. However, there are some for which a “turnkey” solution undoubtedly leads to considerable advantages:

  • Food and catering: design and furnishings play a fundamental role in making the customer feel welcome and pamper him as if he were at home.
  • Hospitality: hospitality, resistance and durability. These are the characteristics required for furnishing for hotels and accommodation facilities, where it is not enough to know how to welcome customers but it is also necessary to guarantee them a safe stay.
  • Shops and shop windows: in this case, solutions are needed that, in addition to meeting budget and space requirements, are in line with the concept imposed by the brand.
  • Point of purchase: in this case, the password is flexibility. The solutions for temporary points of sale to be used in shopping centers, airports and malls respond to complex needs such as assembly and disassembly at night and quick set-up. They also require certifications, research of particular materials and solid guarantees of safety and resistance.

Contract professionals

Tailor-made solutions and Contract furnishings require the expertise of qualified professionals. The general contractor stands out among the figures involved, responsible for the planning and all phases of the project. As the only contact person for the work, it is he who thinks of everything and coordinates the other roles involved. In fact, he personally takes care of the engagement of the work team but also of the choice of materials and tools to be used to complete the order. He is therefore also the main person responsible for the outcome and delivery to the client.

Together with the general contractor, the interior contractor intervenes with regard to the choices relating to furnishings. This figure can deal with finishes and fixed furnishings (fit out), such as flooring but also doors and walk-in wardrobes, or in the FF&E sector (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment), i.e. furniture and furnishing accessories and decorative elements, such as upholstery and curtains. Finally, the interior contractor can work for OS & E (Operating Supplies & Equipment), ie objects and accessories branded with the name and logo of the client.

In his work, the interior contractor may request the support of other suppliers for the production of the necessary furnishings.

Contract and Italian companies: a reflection on growth opportunities

For many companies, the Contract has represented and still represents an excellent opportunity for growth and renewal of their business, especially in the face of the crisis that has hit the construction and architecture sectors in recent years. In particular, there are numerous requests from foreign clients attracted by the renowned quality of Made in Italy, who have invested above all in the areas of tourism and retail.

However, if on the one hand the prerequisites are not lacking, on the other hand it is undeniable that the ability to reinvent oneself alone is not enough: to enter the Contract furniture sector permanently, companies in our country are required to take a further step forward which provides for rethinking of tools and processes.

Italian companies that enter the world of Contract furniture are primarily responsible for investing in the constant updating of tools and resources and never stop experimenting.

A single point of contact for Contract and Retail architects and designers

Designers who need the support of experienced professionals in the retail and contract sectors can rely on my decades of experience.

Specialist in the areas of lighting, furnishings and fireproof upholstery, my main strength is the profound respect he has for each project. In fact, his professionalism does not end in the supply of the necessary furnishing and design materials but continues in the ability to put together knowledge, practical skills, method and listening skills.

This allows him to complete every job guaranteeing maximum fidelity to the initial project, according to the established times and the limits imposed by the available budget.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

“We put our experience gained through 42 years as a private and public interior fit-out contractor working all over the world at your service. Whatever style or technical difficulty of your project is, we are always ready to help you in its execution on the top level.”

Francesca & Carlo

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