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Commercial and Workplace Interior Design Trends


Many workplaces were under lock and key last year in compliance with the stay-at-home protocols. However, as more businesses begin to reopen their workplaces, the interior design world is once again buzzing. If you’re considering giving your workplace a new look, here are some of the latest Interior Design Trends For 2021.

•          Home Away From Home

A workplace or commercial space with a homely feel has become more popular of late. This design trend brings the comfort of a home to a commercial space or workplace. Many employees consider this trend psychologically friendly after working from home for quite a while. 

To create a residential effect within a commercial space or achieve a homely feel, interior designers can make good use of a variety of interior design solutions like multifunctional furniture, chairs with a quality cushion effect, soft rugs, chandeliers, and much more.

•          Virtual interaction

As employees return to the workplace, the work-from-home culture continues for some. Recent trends provide room for virtual interactive platforms within the workplace, for example, video conferencing rooms. Video conferencing rooms and other virtual interaction platforms help employees interact with their colleagues still working remotely.

•          Making use of the outdoors

Getting access to an outdoor space is a good resource for creative interior design solutions. Outdoor spaces provide employees with opportunities for flexibility. It also creates a calm feel and relaxed work environment. Recent design trends bring the employees closer to nature and help reduce stress from work.

To create interior design solutions with an outdoor feel, you can use wallpapers or wall coverings with nature-inspired art, incorporating more greenery and indoor plants. 

•          Large and open spaces

large and open spaces are often preferable when it comes to commercial and workplace design trends for 2021.  The pandemic compelled many people to stay indoors for quite a long time, so employees returning to workplaces would be looking forward to a great time outdoors or large breakout spaces that wouldn’t cram them in.  To create open spaces,  many interior designers opt for high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and large windows that can let in more natural light.

•          Calm colors

The latest interior design trends show that people prefer calm and neutral colors when choosing modern interior solutions for commercial spaces and workplaces. Generally, mild and neutral colors help create the calm and relaxed atmosphere desired by employees. Colors like beige, lavender, and blush create a calm feel.

•          Minimalism

Heavy furniture and clutters could create a crammed-up work environment in the workplace as more and more people return to work. Therefore, recent trends favor the use of minimalist interior design solutions. More people are opting for bespoke interior solutions that help create a tidy and organized workplace. Minimalist furniture that focuses on functionality and flexibility is in high demand.    

If you are looking to get any of these interior design solutions for your commercial space and workplace, we at Tognini Arredamenti provide bespoke interior design solutions to help you do just that. Contact us today to arrange the best interior solutions for you.

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