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Bespoke Home Furniture: What to Consider

Optimizing spaces and being able to design a house that reflects not only one’s taste, but also one’s lifestyle are aspects that make many people who have just bought or rented a house choose custom-made furniture.


The word furniture identifies the set of components that make a home unique: from the table to the chairs, from the sofas to the bookcases, from the wardrobes to the beds. When we talk about custom-made furniture, we therefore consider the ad hoc realization of these elements to respect a series of precise spaces. This involves a design and production with different timing and costs than the purchase of standard furniture.

In a society like the modern one where you have the opportunity to buy furniture of any kind online or at showrooms, it may seem unusual to choose to rely on an architect and a craftsman to create your furniture. But in some cases, this choice turns out to be the best.

Custom-made furniture is the ideal solution, for example, when there is little space in a house, or when you have uneven surfaces.


Choosing a custom-made furniture guarantees numerous advantages, for example:

  • Space optimization: a custom-made piece of furniture is created starting from the available space, and then adapting to the environment. This involves more work on the part of the interior designer, but allows, at the same time, to generate a perfect balance.
  • Customization of each environment: it is possible to differentiate the individual environments, according to your needs, tastes and the space available.
  • Greater freedom of movement: each piece of furniture will be perfectly adapted to the room, offering the possibility to use any wall and useful space.
  • Respect for your own style: it is possible to recreate a unique design of custom-made furniture, choosing the materials, taking a cue from magazines or the internet and asking the interior designer to design a house based on precise aesthetic standards.


Se da un lato l’arredamento su misura garantisce numerosi vantaggi, dall’altro si devono considerare alcuni aspetti.

First, to furnish a custom home, you need to get help from an interior specialist. It is also important to estimate a higher cost for the construction of the furniture.

In addition, the times are longer: sofas, wardrobes and all the furniture components must be made specifically for the spaces provided. Finally, in the event of a change of home, it will be difficult to adapt the custom-made furniture to other spaces.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

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