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Barman Workstation: Functional Set-up

The evolution and growing attention that have characterized the world of drink preparation in recent years have made it necessary to design a fully functional cocktail station, designed and built according to the movements that bartenders perform. The construction and set-up of the workstation for barmen is therefore a fundamental aspect to pay close attention to when choosing the furniture for your bar. Here are some tips on how to set it up.


When designing the cocktail station, the first aspect to consider is the management of the spaces. An optimal and functional organization is in fact necessary to ensure the working efficiency of the barman, who must minimize travel as much as possible to speed up the service. The work spaces must therefore be comfortable, in such a way, moreover, to allow a logical arrangement of the work tools. All the necessary utensils and products must in fact be positioned in the cocktail station in such a way that the barman can find and take them intuitively and immediately without making a mistake. A functional workstation therefore has ice tubs, an area used for seals such as fruit, a space for cutting boards and for placing knives and mixing tools, as well as at least one speetrack, i.e. a pocket in which to insert the most used spirits . There will also be a section dedicated to glasses, which must always be cold, and a sink to be able to quickly rinse shakers and pourers between cocktails. An optimal cocktail station is therefore developed around the ergonomics of the spaces to ensure maximum practicality and functionality for the barman.


Through experience, each bartender comes to identify an organization of spaces and an arrangement of tools based exactly on his needs. For this reason, it is recommended to design and develop a customized, bespoke workstation that perfectly fits the way the bartender works. The Tognini Arredamenti company specializes in the creation of custom-made interior furnishings. The Tognini Arredamenti team, made up of highly specialized and qualified architects and designers, will design your new cocktail station down to the smallest detail, in full compliance with the style of your venue and according to the operational needs of your staff.

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