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Bar counter in masonry or steel for outdoor summer arrangements

With the arrival of summer and with the rising temperatures, the events and parties organized outdoors also increase. To set them up, however, a commercial activity such as a bar must have a large garden or courtyard and above all the right equipment. First of all, it must have an outdoor bar counter, an indispensable component. Let’s see together some examples of outdoor bar counter, both fixed and mobile.


On the market it is possible to find numerous types of outdoor bar counter, created in recent years to meet the needs of restaurateurs and bartenders. The most practical solution is certainly represented by the mobile and portable bar station: it is made of steel and can be set up with all the solutions necessary for the preparation of cocktails, such as refrigerators to keep drinks fresh. It is equipped with comfortable wheels to move it easily and can be mounted and removed just for the event.

Then we find the modular outdoor bar counters in polyethylene: they are ideal for those businesses that decide to serve customers outdoors throughout the summer season. They can be equipped with cocktail stations, refrigerated elements and sinks and equipped with LED lighting to create a suggestive atmosphere. At the end of the outdoor activity, this type of outdoor counter can be disassembled and conveniently stored in the warehouse.

The last solution is represented by a fixed bar counter, because it is made of masonry. It is certainly the most elegant and effective solution and can be equipped as a real indoor bar counter.


The preparation of the bar station for outdoor environments depends only and solely on your needs. Despite being outdoors, the counter must still convey the style of your venue and integrate harmoniously with the decor of the environment. The most ideal solution is therefore to design a tailor-made outdoor bar station, which perfectly meets your needs. You can thus customize it from a chromatic point of view as well as from a functional point of view and you can create it with particular finishes and details that will make it unique in its kind. Tognini Arredamenti is the ideal partner for the design and construction of your new bespoke bar station: contact us to request a quote!

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